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IE at MIX06

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One more MIX plug, since it’s coming up fast.  The IE talks have been posted to the MIX06 session list now, including “The Future of IE” discussion session where we will present an overview of our direction for IE beyond IE7, and hold an open discussion to take your input to shape the future of IE.  There’s also a breakout session led by myself titled “Open, De Jure, De Facto and Proprietary: Standards and Microsoft,” where I will lay out how HTML, Javascript, C#, XAML, XHTML, XML, SVG, and other standards fit together, and discuss our standards commitment.  I may even come out alive.

We also have an IE7 Overview session by Tony Chor, a session I mentioned before led by Markus Mielke about how to ensure your standards-based site works well in IE7, and a session by Rob Franco on IE7 security and how the enhancements in IE7 that make users safer.  Finally, we will have an ongoing IE7 Compatibility Lab where IE team members (myself included) will discuss IE with you one-on-one, and help you investigate site problems in IE7.

There’s a wealth of other “next web” topics, many companies talking and demoing their work, as well as lots of sessions on Windows Live, Atlas, WPF, Infocard, and many other technologies.  Check it out.

Hope to see you in Las Vegas,

 - Chris Wilson

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