Page Zoom now supports horizontal scrolling with the mouse wheel


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Page Zoom now supports horizontal scrolling with the mouse wheel

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Hey there, Peter here. I am really excited to tell you about the new horizontal scrolling feature in the Beta2 preview refresh as well as other enhancements we are working on for Page Zoom.

We have received a lot of great comments and feedback from our customers about Page zoom and number of great suggestions. Thanks, we really appreciate it. We are working on how we can improve the Zooming of background images as well as how to stay centered when zooming on a centered page.

The biggest feedback we got is that people wanted the page to re-layout upon zoom so they wouldn’t see the horizontal scrollbars. We have been looking hard at providing an option to make this happen. Unfortunately, due to our schedule, it doesn’t look like this feature is going to make it into the IE7 product. It is high on our list for next version.

Now just because we cannot provide that particular feature in IE7 doesn’t mean we aren’t going to do any thing to make horizontal scrolling easier. The work we are doing to stay centered should help reduce how often you see the horizontal scrollbars, but we are also making it easier for you to horizontally scroll. If you try it out, you will discover that we now enable horizontal scrolling with Alt + Mouse wheel. We are aware that this causes the classic menu to appear/disappear when you lift up on the Alt key so we are planning on changing it to CTRL + Shift + Mouse wheel in the final release.

I really hope this helps with your horizontal scrolling needs and enhances your browsing experience. Please let me know what you think.

 - Peter

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