Time, Time, Time, see what’s become of me...


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Time, Time, Time, see what’s become of me...

Hello again. This is Peter Gurevich, Program Manager for all things rendering and display related on IE. How are all of you enjoying the IE7 Beta 2 preview refresh?

I have been thinking a lot lately about the nature of Time. Now before we launch off into some big Physics discussion (which would be fun) I mean HTML +Time. I want to use this blog post as an opportunity for all of you to discuss and provide feedback on how you use it in your sites.

How do you currently use HTML + TIME? Have you seen the Introduction to HTML+TIME article? What do you think is the coolest feature? What are your usage patterns? Can you point me to your sites or other sites that you know of that use HTML + TIME? Any input you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

So, don’t be shy, Lets hear it. (But please keep the input related to HTML + TIME)

 - Peter

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