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A New Blogfather is Born

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Hello everyone,

I wanted to let the readers of the IEBlog know that the torch is being passed today on the blog. A fellow program manager, Anurag Jain, is taking over running the day to day activity and moderation duties that keep this blog going on the IE team. You should expect to see posts and comments from him in the future as the official moderator (or “Blogfather” as we call it) for the IEBlog. Please treat him with the love and affection that you have shown me. :-)

Today is my last day at Microsoft after almost nine years of working at the company. I started in 1997 working on IE4 and have spent much of my career at Microsoft working on either IE or MSN Explorer. My wife and I have made a decision to move to the Bay Area, where she grew up, to be close to family and as part of an overall lifestyle change for us. We’re both in our mid-thirties now and want to shake things up a bit by moving to another part of the country and experiencing a new life there. My coworkers on IE have been 100% supportive of my making this decision and I still believe that IE7 is going to be a great browser and a real move forward for Microsoft and its customers. It is just time for me to do something different for myself.

I want to thank our readers for the comments and the time people have spent on the blog. I’ve enjoyed working on it and I’ve enjoyed talking to our regular commenters such as PatriotB, Xepol, Fiery Kitsune and others. I’m sure that I will still comment here on occasion but I will being doing it in a personal capacity as another IE customer.


 - Al

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