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IE7 Phishing Filter Update

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Greetings! I’m Raghava Kashyapa, Program Manager for the Microsoft Phishing Filter technology in IE7. As you might already know - it is important to use the latest versions of IE7 to get the benefits of all the changes we have made over the past year since the release of the first public beta. 

We made improvements to the client based on feedback and want to ensure users use these new and improved builds of the browser.   The impact of these improvements means that older IE7 beta versions prior to IE7 Beta 2 (versions 7.0.5296.0 and older) will no longer work with the Phishing Filter Service. This primarily affects anyone who is still using IE7 Beta1 and the IE7 Beta 2 Preview.

If you’re running any of the affected old builds, you will notice a “phishing filter service is unavailable” icon on the bottom right corner of your browser window:

Recent builds, including all versions newer than IE7 Beta2 (build 7.0.5346.0 and upwards) will be unaffected. To get the most up to date improvements I would strongly encourage you to download and install the latest version of IE7.


Raghava Kashyapa
Program Manager

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