IE7 Tech Articles Have Been Updated


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IE7 Tech Articles Have Been Updated

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To help you prepare for the IE7 release we’ve updated many of our tech articles on MSDN including those on Protected Mode, ActiveX Security and CSS Compatibility. You’ll find more sample code, more examples, and best practices for scenarios that you’ve brought to us this year.

As an example, Protected mode changes the way IE opens because it needs to create both low and medium integrity processes, IExplore.exe at low and IEUser.exe at medium. If your application opens and closes IE, you’ll want to maintain a handle to the IExplore.exe process even when it’s running with low integrity in Protected Mode. In Windows Vista Beta 2 this means you have to create a low integrity process or search through all open process to get a handle to IExplore.exe at low. To make this change easier for you, we created IELaunchURL() in Windows Vista RC1, which helps you get a handle to IE’s process across integrity levels. For more details, check out “Launching and Navigating a Protected Mode Process” in the Protected Mode article.

Marc Silbey
Program Manager

PS: If you’re interested in UAC and ActiveX, I’d encourage you to check out the ActiveX Installer Service Video on the UAC Blog

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