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Accept-Language Header for Internet Explorer 7

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In addition to the more prominent work we’ve done to enable international scenarios (like adding support for International Domain Names), Internet Explorer 7 updates the available values for the Accept-Language header.  Accept-Language is an HTTP header sent to the server by the browser to indicate the user’s language and locale. 

As an example, the Accept-Language header sent by the browser of a native French speaker in France and fluent in German might be:

Accept-Language: fr-FR,de-DE;q=0.5

A server, upon receiving such a header, should return French content if available, or German content if French content is not available.

By default, the Accept-Language header is calculated based on the Windows default locale, and it can be set on the “Customize your settings” page shown after IE7 is first installed.  Users may specify additional languages using the Internet Control Panel.  To see the list of available language/locales, click the Tools button, then click Internet Options.  On the General tab, click the Languages button to see the Language Preference dialog.  (The languages chosen here are also used to determine which character sets should be displayed natively in the address bar.)

In IE6, most of the choices in the Language Preference list specified a locale-neutral two letter code.  For instance fr was sent for French (France), and ja sent for Japanese.  Longer codes were only used when a language is commonly spoken in another country or locale-- for instance fr-CA was available for French-speaking Canadians.

For Internet Explorer 7, a change was made such that Internet Explorer will send the full language/locale pair for each locale.  IE7 will send fr-FR for French (France) and de-DE for German (Germany).  This change enables web servers to more easily target content for a specific language and locale.  If a given server is only interested in the user’s language and not the locale, it can ignore the locale portion by simply truncating the code at the first dash.

We hope this small change will help web developers on their quest to build ever-smarter web applications.

Eric Lawrence
Program Manager

Edit: replacing Accept-Language=fr-FR,de-DE;q=0.5 with Accept-Language: fr-FR,de-DE;q=0.5

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