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IE7 and High Assurance at RSA Europe

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One of the best parts of IE7 is actually yet to come. High Assurance SSL certificates, now known as Extended Validation certificates are a critical part of our strategy to help customers avoid online fraud like phishing scams

How a site will appear in IE7 with an Extended Validation certificate

We’ve been hard at work with the other browsers and certification authorities on a set of common guidelines to identify a legitimate business and issue it an extended validation certificate. While we’re finishing up the guidelines for Extended Validation, some key members of the CA/Browser Forum will be at RSA Europe to answer your questions about what Extended Validation certificates will mean to businesses.

Our panel discussion “Raising the Bar: the impact of high assurance SSL standards and browsers” will directly follow the keynote speech on Tuesday morning. I will join key leaders from the CA/Browser forum including Kirk Hall with Chosen Security, TC TrustCenter, formerly of Geotrust and Siddharth Bajaj of Verisign. We’ll explain the need for Extended Validation certificates and cover some of the strategies that browsers are using to fight phishing. If you plan to attend RSA Europe, we hope you’ll come by to ask a question and join the discussion. IE7 will also be on display at the Microsoft booth after the panel so you can come by and test drive the feature yourself in Windows Vista.

See you there!

Rob Franco
Lead Program Manager

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