Windows Vista is Out The Door!


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Windows Vista is Out The Door!

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As you may have seen on the Windows Vista blog, we released Windows Vista to manufacturing today! Wahoo!!!

IE7 in Windows Vista is mostly the same as the IE7 for XP we released a few weeks ago (in fact, we have a single code base for both.) There are a few additional benefits in IE7 in Windows Vista that take advantage of some of the improvements in the new OS, the biggest of which is Protected Mode which allows IE to run at lower than user privilege, thereby providing an additional layer of defense against attacks. Other important differences include our integration with Windows Vista Parental Controls and improved Network Diagnostics.

It’s been a long road to get Windows Vista out the door, but I’m super proud of the result. I can’t wait to see it in stores and on new PCs on January 30, 2007.

Tony Chor
Group Program Manager

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