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Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar - Get it Now!

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At PDC in 2005, we announced the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar and made the first buildavailable shortly after. Since then, we’ve released two additional betas; thanks to your testing and feedback, we’ve improved the quality and added new functionality like formatted source viewing and CSS selector matching.

Today I’d like to announce that v1 of the IE Developer Toolbar is complete! Please download the toolbar and read release notes here.

What’s changed since Beta 3?

This release of the Developer Toolbar does not add any major functionality but includes a number of important reliability and “fit-and-finish” improvements. For example, the installation process will automatically remove Beta 2 and newer builds so you don’t have to do so manually, and for those of you running Windows Vista, you will not have to log off and back in to make the toolbar visible. However, you do need to restart IE and then click the IE Developer Toolbar icon in the IE6 toolbar or IE7 command bar.

We want to hear your feedback!

If you have feedback or questions about the toolbar, please share them on the IE Web Development Forum on MSDN. There you’ll find a post by me that suggests using [IEDevTB] in the subject of posts pertaining to the Developer Toolbar. We’ll look through all of the posts for comments and questions about the Developer Toolbar, but the subject tag will help us find and track your feedback so we can better respond to it. While you can still use the Channel9 wiki, we’d prefer if you use the MSDN forum.

What’s next?

This tool is a direct response to your requests for free web developer tools and we hope you enjoy it. However, we see this as only the first response to your requests not only for tools, but for making development for IE easier.

John Hrvatin
Progam Manager

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