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October, 2008

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    Hot off the Press: CodeFocus on IE8!

    In preparation for the Professional Developers Conference , the IE team recently authored some articles for a special issue of Code Focus magazine . The articles cover everything from cross-version compatibility to performance, and include new sample code. You can read the articles online at the following locations: Welcome to CoDe Focus for Internet Explorer 8! What’s New in Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2? Making Your Web site Compatible Across Multiple Versions of Internet Explorer ...
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    More on Internet Explorer 8 and IP Licensing

    When Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 launched in March, I wrote a post describing the permissive intellectual property licensing approaches we took for components of that release, such as Creative Commons licenses for copyrights in selected specs and the Microsoft Open Specification Promise (“OSP”) for implementations of those specs. Now with the launch of Beta 2, I’m happy to highlight a few ways we’re continuing to make our innovations available to the community. By doing so, we hope to continue...
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    Ending Expressions

    Design criteria such as standard compliance, performance, reliability and security framed the design of IE8 as whole, for new as well as existing features. As a result, CSS expressions are no longer supported in IE8 standards mode. This change was announced previously on the IE blog , however, this post will provide a few more details about that decision. The following FAQ will give a quick overview of the feature, the rationale behind our design decision and what it may mean for your own site. ...
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    Updates for AJAX in IE8 Beta 2

    Sunava Dutta here, a program manager focused on improving AJAX in the browser! Now that Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 is out, I want to write about some of the latest rounds of enhancements we’ve made. As many of you may recall, back in March we discussed a set of developer experiences in AJAX across scenarios such as client-side cross-domain data access, local storage, and navigation state management among many others. The good news is our team has been working since Beta 1 to tweak and update our...
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    October Chat with the IE Team on Thursday

    Join members of the Internet Explorer team for an Expert Zone chat next Thursday, October 16 th at 10.00 PDT/17.00 UTC. These chats are a great opportunity to have your questions answered by members of the IE product team. Thank you to all who have attended the chats to date! If you can’t join us online, all chat transcripts are published here . We want to hear your feedback on IE8 Beta 2! Kristen Kibble Program Manager P.S. Upcoming IE chat dates are posted here .
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    IE8 Group Policy

    Hi. In previous posts I talked about the IE8 IEAK and new event logging for IE8 in the Application Compatibility Toolkit . Today, I’m going to discuss the improvements we made to Group Policy support for Internet Explorer 8. Background For those of you who might be new to Group Policy, here is a quick background. Let’s first assume you use an Active Directory environment to administer the computers in your corporate network. If that is the case, Group Policy provides a wide set of policy...
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    IE October Security Update Now Available

    The IE Cumulative Security Update for October 2008 is now available via Windows Update . Alternatively, you can receive this and all other Microsoft updates via the new Microsoft Update . I encourage you to upgrade to Microsoft Update if you haven’t already to ensure that you receive the latest updates for all Microsoft products. This update addresses six vulnerabilities. The security update addresses these vulnerabilities by modifying the way that Internet Explorer handles the error resulting...
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