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Missed MIX, Catch The Content Online

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For those of you who didn’t make it to MIX, I wanted to take a quick minute to point out that the MIX team has made all of the sessions available for viewing and downloading.  If you’re building any type of web site or web application, I’d highly recommend checking out Eric’s Security session and John’s performance session.  Both will give you some great tips for writing better code, not just in Internet Explorer, but for browsers in general.

A Brief History Of The Web

So much has happened in such a small time that it would be impossible to cover it all.  We left plenty out, but the parts we left in are really funny, so we hope you can forgive us.

Dean Hachamovitch’s Day 2 Keynote


Sessions Presented By The Internet Explorer Team

A Lap Around Internet Explorer 8 – MIX09-T52F
IE is back! In this session, you’ll hear the inside story behind the development of Internet Explorer 8. We’ll show you how to develop innovative user experiences with Web Slices, Accelerators and Visual Search. You’ll discover nearly twenty new security enhancements that make browsing safer than ever, and you’ll find out about performance improvements that will help you build faster AJAX applications. Finally, we’ll show you why we think Internet Explorer 8 is one of the most standards-compliant web browsers on the market.

Securing Web Applications – MIX09-T54F
After a quick summary of some of the web attacks in the wild today, you’ll learn how to take advantage of browser security improvements to help protect your web applications and visitors.

Creating A Great Experience On Digg With Windows Internet Explorer 8 – MIX09-C22F
Come hear how Terralever was able to use the powerful new features of Internet Explorer 8 to change how users interact with the Digg website.  Learn how using Accelerators and Web Slices changed the way users are able to discover, as well as simplify submitting stories.  We’ll look at how taking advantage of these exciting features can improve a users experience, while increasing the number of users visiting your site. 

Internet Explorer 8 In The Real World: How Is IE8 Used – MIX09-C23F
Come see behind the scenes and learn about the customer data that motivated the IE8 user experience design team. We’ll discuss what people are doing in the browser and how that influenced the detailed design of new features. We’ll also talk about the methodology for choosing the subtle refinements to existing features that have a big impact on ease of use and discoverability.

Building High Performance Web Applications and Sites – MIX09-T53F
Learn how to improve your web application’s performance in the browser by avoiding common pitfalls in JavaScript, CSS, and HTTP caching techniques.

And if you haven’t already, you can download Internet Explorer 8 at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer

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