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Check Out the New Developer Tools Tutorials

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I’d like to invite you to check out the new tutorials added to the Developer Tools content. These tutorials are written to help you quickly learn how to use the Developer Tools to solve Web page issues. Each tutorial is set up to focus on a programming problem to solve, such as changing text on the page, update a CSS class, or inspect a Jscript variable. You can follow the step-by-step instructions provided to learn how to use the Developer Tools to solve these and similar problems.

Hi, my name is Duc “Cash” Vo, a Programmer Writer on the Internet Explorer team and I’m excited about developing content for the Developer Tools. As a Web developer, I’ve long wished for an integrated developer tools, and I got my wish in IE8! This is my first time posting to the IEBlog, and I look forward to discussing features and improvements for the Developer Tools with this community.

With the release of each beta for Internet Explorer 8, you might have read about the Developer Tools’ features and benefits on MSDN, and you may even have tried them out. (But just in case, if you haven’t done so, it may be to your benefit to check out the Developer Tools on MSDN now before you proceed.) With the final release of IE8, we’ve written a series of tutorials and created a “sandbox” for you to play in.

We categorize tutorial topics based on your Web site’s problem sets that you can resolve using the Developer Tools. We also title our topics based on tasks you as a web developer might want to perform. For example, under the HTML section, you’ll see topics such as:

  • I want to change the Item header to Item Description.
  • I want to center align all of the prices.
  • I want my Price Total field be a read-only element.

Similarly, under the CSS section, you’ll see topics such as:

  • I want to update the .listingsTable class.
  • I want to add a new class .price and have it apply to the Price column.

Head over to the Developer Tools tutorials at and have some fun. Once you’re done, we’d love to hear about your experiences using these tutorials. Let us know how can we make them more useful for you, and what scenarios and skills would you like us to add.

Until next time,

Duc (Cash) Vo
Programmer Writer
Internet Explorer

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