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August, 2009

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    Engineering POV: IE6

    The topic of site support for IE6 has had a lot of discussion on the web recently as a result of a post on the Digg blog . Why would anyone run an eight-year old browser? Should sites continue to support it? What more can anyone do to get IE6 users to upgrade? For technology enthusiasts, this topic seems simple. Enthusiasts install new (often unfinished or “beta”) software all the time. Scores of posts on this site and others describe specific benefits of upgrading. As a browser supplier, we want...
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    Real-World Protection With IE8’s SmartScreen Filter™

    Back in March, I posted a note to the IEBlog when the pre-release version of IE8’s SmartScreen Filter had delivered its 10 millionth malware block. Today, I’m happy to report that IE8’s SmartScreen Filter has delivered more than 70 million blocks in the first four months since IE8’s official release, for a cumulative total of 80 million blocks . This data is a strong indication of the value of the protection SmartScreen provides, and of just how widespread socially-engineered malware attacks are...
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    Internet Explorer 8 is now available via Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

    If you manage your organization’s PCs using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) I’m pleased to announce that we have made Internet Explorer 8 available via this technology for the following languages and platforms: Internet Explorer 8 releases on WSUS for August 25, 2009 Windows Vista All supported languages Windows Server 2008 All supported languages Windows Server 2003 All supported languages Windows XP English; Arabic;...
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    Engineering POV

    To date, this blog has focused on the engineering specifics of what we've done with the IE product. From our point of view, it's been a useful forum both for talking and listening. Looking at the comments, we can understand what makes sense to readers and where we need to be clearer. At the same time, we've seen many questions about broader topics, like IE6, HTML5 and other standards, or benchmarking. With IE8's release and Windows 7's "sign-off," now is a good time to add another kind of blog...
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