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To date, this blog has focused on the engineering specifics of what we've done with the IE product. From our point of view, it's been a useful forum both for talking and listening. Looking at the comments, we can understand what makes sense to readers and where we need to be clearer.

At the same time, we've seen many questions about broader topics, like IE6, HTML5 and other standards, or benchmarking. With IE8's release and Windows 7's "sign-off," now is a good time to add another kind of blog post. We want to use these posts to share our Engineering Point of View about broader topics and see feedback on them ahead of the next release.

Why? For many web technology questions, finding many passionate and often contradictory opinions is easy. For example, just on the topic of video codecs within HTML5 (much less the rest of the spec), finding strong language from smart people disagreeing with each other is easy. This blog is from the IE engineering team, and everything we write here continues to be from the “Engineering Point of View.” We simply want to be clearer about what we’re thinking and what we balance as we build and service IE.

Your comments are always welcome. We read all the comments on this blog (and many of the posts and comments on many other blogs). We'll also keep posting and reading comments on specifics, like How to make IE open tabs faster and How to log into two webmail accounts at the same time. Comments about other posts you’d like to see are also always welcome.

Thanks –
Dean Hachamovitch
General Manager

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