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September, 2009

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    Supporting Web Standards Development with SuperPreview

    This post is a guest post from Steve Guttman, of the Expression Web team. Expression Web has created an interesting tool, SuperPreview, which we thought the IE blog audience would be interested in. Internet Explorer 8 is an important release because it reconfirms Microsoft’s commitment to interoperability and renewed emphasis on Web Standards. My team—which develops the authoring tool, Expression Web—is also pretty emphatic about Web Standards. We’re in the process of doing significant tooling...
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    Guidelines for add-on developers

    It’s well understood that the typical computer users today spend much of their time in their web browser, making it the most important software on their computer. Users expect their browsers to be easy to use, fast, stable and secure. Over the past few months, users have downloaded thousands of great browser add-ons from and other web sites. Users want to use browser add-ons to enhance their browsing experience, not hinder it or make it more confusing. We have published a full...
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    Preventing Operation Aborted Scenarios

    This post follows up on my original Operation Aborted post to provide some additional information and assistance for web site owners or 3 rd party script libraries. Recap Nearly a year-and-a-half ago, I blogged about an error that can occur on some websites that generate content via script. This content can cause Internet Explorer’s HTML parser to get into an unrecoverable state, which makes it doubly-hard to find and diagnose why this error is happening. When this state occurs, the HTML...
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