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December, 2009

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    Accelerator Creation Guide

    Introduction There are a lot of really cool services out there, and I think a lot of them would fit in really well with Accelerators . But even though there’s a lot of value to be had in creating Accelerators, I don’t think we’ve ever had a blog post explaining a step-by-step process for how to do it. I’m hoping this post will help with that. I’ve been working on the feature for a while, so I’ve come up with some tips and best practices that have helped me become more efficient in building...
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    Recap of Add-on-Con

    We’ve just returned from Add-on-Con , an annual conference for browser add-on developers held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View California. The add-on development community is an entrepreneurial bunch of people and it’s exciting to hear about what they’re working on. Herman Ng , Christopher Griffin , and I were there to present and chat with people. Matt Crowley was also in town so he was able to stop by for part of the day. Herman spoke about best practices to improve reliability...
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    IE December Security Update Now Available

    The IE Cumulative Security Update for December 2009 is now available via Windows Update or Microsoft Update . This security update resolves four privately reported vulnerabilities and one publicly disclosed vulnerability in Internet Explorer. The security update addresses these vulnerabilities by correcting the control and by modifying the way that Internet Explorer handles objects in memory. For detailed information on the contents of this update, please see the following documentation: ...
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