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Hotmail on the Taskbar

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Hotmail just got even better when run on IE9. Today, Hotmail added email notifications to its pinned site that displays the number of new messages directly in the taskbar. It’s an easy way to keep an eye on new updates with a glance. Pin Hotmail to your taskbar to start seeing this in action!

Screen shot showing the Hotmail pinned site icon on the Windows 7 taskbar

Hotmail also gives you quick access to mail tasks from the jumplist. Right-click on the Hotmail icon to jump to a task like send mail:

Screen shot showing Hotmail tasks in the Windows 7 jump list for the Hotmail pinned site

Now when you pin Hotmail to the taskbar, you can use it like a native desktop application on Windows 7. With pinned sites, developers can add capabilities like notifications, jumplists and thumbnail toolbars to your Web sites too. See these MSDN articles and Test Drive demo for details:

Check out many more useful (and addictive) pinned site experiences on and on the Internet Explorer Gallery.

If you’re running Windows 7 but not yet running IE9, upgrade now to get the most from your browsing experience.

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