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December, 2011

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    Interoperable HTML5 Quirks Mode in IE10

    The fourth IE10 platform preview includes enhanced HTML5 support by using an interoperable quirks mode based on the behavior defined in HTML5. This HTML5-based quirks mode is the default quirks mode in IE10. Users and Web developers want sites to just work across browsers. A key part of this is making HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work in the same way across implementations. HTML5 facilitates cross-browser consistency by defining parts of the Web platform previously left unspecified...
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    Moving to Standards-based Web Graphics in IE10

    Users expect to visit any site on the Internet with any browser and enjoy a similar quality experience. We first discussed Internet Explorer’s commitment to achieving the goal of consistent “same markup, same results” across browsers in a post on March 16, 2010 announcing the release of the IE9’s first platform preview. IE9 moved us a long way toward that goal and IE10’s HTML5-based Standards and Quirks modes largely completes that work. The post HTML5 Parsing in IE10...
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    Working with Binary Data using Typed Arrays

    With HTML5 comes many APIs that push the envelope on user experiences involving media and real-time communications. These features often rely on binary file formats, like MP3 audio, PNG images, or MP4 video. The use of binary file formats is important to these features to reduce bandwidth requirements, deliver expected performance, and interoperate with existing file formats. But until recently, Web developers haven’t had direct access to the contents of these binary files or any other custom...
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    Let It Snow... Faster!

    In the spirit of the holiday season, we offer a new HTML5 experience that makes the most of your PC hardware and the new touch capabilities in Windows 8. Check out Let It Snow and get ready for a GPU-powered snow storm. This experience brings together hardware-accelerated HTML5 canvas, SVG, CSS, and more. On Windows Developer Preview with support for multi-touch in IE10 , you can reach out and brush the snow off the sign and reveal a holiday message -or just use your mouse. If you think...
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    Media Capture API: Helping Web developers directly import image, video, and sound data into Web apps

    Last March, we released a prototype implementation of the audio portion of a working draft of the W3C Media Capture API on HTML5 Labs . This prototype publicized some proposed API enhancements described in section 6.1 of Microsoft’s HTML Speech XG Speech API Proposal . We have now updated the prototype to include the image and video capture features described in the proposal to support scenarios we’ve heard are important for Web developers, as well as incorporating your feedback on audio. As more...
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    IE 9.0.4 Available via Windows Update

    The December 2011 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer is now available via Windows Update . This security update resolves three privately reported vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer. The most severe vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution if a user visits a specially crafted Web page using Internet Explorer. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could run a malicious application on the affected system. Users whose accounts are configured to have fewer...
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    Updated Look for IEBlog

    Today we introduce an updated look and layout for the IEBlog. Here’s an overview of the design and layout changes we made: New font family – We’re using the Segoe UI font to align with Windows 8 Metro style. New color scheme – We have a new color scheme inspired by the Windows 8 Metro style Start screen. Improved performance – The blog’s home page defaults to excerpt view. This substantially reduces load time since excerpts do not contain images or...
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