Introducing Seven More IEBlogs


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Introducing Seven More IEBlogs

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Today we introduce seven new language versions of IEBlog—French, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean, Japanese, Chinese (PRC), and Russian. Links to these appear in the new “Languages” block at the top of the right column. We plan to publish translated versions five to ten days after their appearance on the English language IEBlog.

We’ve worked hard to localize most of the language elements on the page and in the posts themselves. Text within images will remain in English though we translate captions and image alt text. Markup and code samples will also remain in English. Occasionally, we’ll mistakenly translate an HTML, CSS, or JavaScript keyword; please forgive us. The links along the top and bottom of the page which link to English-language pages remain in English.

One of the more fun programming tasks in localizing IEBlog was to correctly translate and reformat the dates and times of the posts and comments. We decided to go one step further and translate the time (which was previously always displayed in US Pacific Time) to the time zone of the viewer. We also made this change to the English language version.

If you’re a speaker of one of these languages, we hope you’ll enjoy the new versions of IEBlog.

—Marcia Coelho da Costa, Senior International Project Manager,
 Joe Oswald, Principal International Project Manager Lead, and
 Ted Johnson, Production Engineer for IEBlog

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