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  • Blog Post: Principles behind IE7’s Phishing Filter

    My last post was intended to introduce our overall security strategy and the specific features in IE7 Beta1 for XP SP2 and Windows Vista. A lot of responses to my post were questions about why and how the Microsoft Phishing Filter in IE7 will check websites. We have also have heard from a number of site...
  • Blog Post: Clarifying Low-Rights IE

    Hi, I’m Rob Franco, Lead Program Manager for IE Security. Today I want to focus on clearing up a few details about an important feature that we’re calling “Low-Rights IE”. “Low-Rights IE” is one of several new features that we’re working on to help keep users safe. It is a defense-in-depth feature...
  • Blog Post: IE Security Zones

    Greetings. My name is Mike Friedman. I’m on the Internet Explorer Security Test Team. In IE, the different areas of the Web are partitioned into a set of security zones. The topic I would like to talk about is programmatically adding sites to those zones. Zones were introduced in IE4 as a way to give...
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