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Internet Explorer Team Blog
  • Blog Post: Enhanced Protected Mode

    Every release of Internet Explorer includes new security enhancements to help keep you safe as you browse the Internet. The new Enhanced Protected Mode in Internet Explorer 10 helps keep your data safe even if an attacker has exploited a vulnerability in the browser or one of its add-ons. There is...
  • Blog Post: Enhanced Memory Protections in IE10

    Internet Explorer 10 introduces significant improvements in memory protections to help make vulnerabilities harder to exploit, helping to keep users safe on the sometimes-hostile Web. These improvements will increase the difficulty and development cost of exploits, making life harder for the bad guys...
  • Blog Post: CORS for XHR in IE10

    The fourth platform of IE10 simplifies building cross-site scenarios that work consistently across browsers by supporting Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) for XMLHttpRequest (XHR) . CORS for XHR makes sharing data across sites simple and flexible. In the most basic scenario CORS enables creating...
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