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Internet Explorer Team Blog
  • Blog Post: Update to Alleged Information and Security Issue with Mouse Position Behavior

    Over the last few days we’ve seen reports alleging abuse of a browser behavior regarding mouse position. Microsoft is working closely with other companies to address the concern of mouse position movement. From what we know now, the underlying issue has more to do with competition between analytics...
  • Blog Post: More Control over Flash Cookies with IE

    Internet Explorer now gives you more control over the data that Web sites store on your computer. This includes Flash Player’s Local Shared Objects (LSOs). We’ve worked closely with Adobe to integrate Flash LSO deletion directly into Internet Explorer, making it easier for you to manage your...
  • Blog Post: ActiveX Filtering for Consumers

    ActiveX Filtering in the IE9 Release Candidate gives you greater control over how Web pages run on your PC. With ActiveX Filtering, you can turn off ActiveX controls for all Web sites and then turn them back on selectively as you see fit. While ActiveX controls like Adobe Flash are important for Web...
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