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    Follow Up to Internet Explorer May 2007 Security Update

    After downloading the Internet Explorer Cumulative Security Update for May 2007, some users have experienced an unexpected “Save File” security dialog upon launching Internet Explorer. This might occur when the “Temporary Internet Files” folder is moved to a custom location and Internet Explorer does not have appropriate access rights to the new folder location. The Internet Explorer Team is currently investigating appropriate solutions for this user scenario. For your security, we strongly recommend...
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    Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar - Get it Now!

    At PDC in 2005, we announced the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar and made the first build available shortly after. Since then, we’ve released two additional betas; thanks to your testing and feedback, we’ve improved the quality and added new functionality like formatted source viewing and CSS selector matching. Today I’d like to announce that v1 of the IE Developer Toolbar is complete! Please download the toolbar and read release notes here . What’s changed since...
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    IE May 2007 Security Update Available Now

    Good morning everyone, I am pleased to announce that the IE Cumulative Security Update for May 2007 is now available via Windows Update . Alternatively, you can receive this and all other Microsoft updates via the new Microsoft Update . I encourage you to upgrade to Microsoft Update if you haven’t already to ensure that you receive the latest updates for all Microsoft products. This update addresses 6 remote code execution vulnerabilities. For detailed information on the contents of this update...
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    This Website Wants to Run the Following Add-on

    You may have encountered a warning similar to the following when browsing web sites with IE7: This website wants to run the following add-on: ‘MSXML 5.0’ from ‘Microsoft Corporation’. If you trust this website and the add-on and want to allow it to run, click here… The same warning may appear for some other common add-ons: This website wants to run the following add-on: ‘QuickTime’ from ‘Apple Computer, Inc.’. This website wants to run the following add-on: ‘Windows Media 6.4 Player...
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    IE Blog Offline for a Short Time

    The IE blog will be offline for scheduled maintenance beginning at 11:00 AM PST. We don’t anticipate this taking long at all. Thanks for visiting us! Kristen Kibble Program Manager Update: maintenance complete
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    What to Expect from IE at MIX07?

    MIX07 is coming up in a week and a half and I wanted to provide an overview of the IE activities at the show. As most of you know, MIX is Microsoft’s conference for Web designers, developers and decision-makers who live and work on the consumer Web. Last year at MIX06, Microsoft placed a lot of emphasis on Internet Explorer 7, showing off improvements in the rendering engine, the new RSS platform, and the new security features like Protected Mode and ActiveX opt-in. Internet Explorer 7 has now...
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    IE7 Virtual PC Image and IE6 Virtual PC Image Refresh

    Hello! Just wanted to give you a quick update that we’ve dropped two new VPC images that you can use with the free copy of Virtual PC 2007 . The first is a refresh of the Windows XP SP2 + IE6 image . A few people were encountering a non-genuine Windows warning from the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Notification Tool. We did not install the WGA Notification tool on the image this time around. As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts , these images have had their product keys deactivated, thus...
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    Protected Mode for IE7 in Windows Vista - Is it On or Off?

    Hi, my name is Sharath Udupa and I’m a developer on the IE team. Many customers have asked us about when Protected Mode feature is turned on or off for Internet Explorer in Windows Vista.The Protected Mode feature is available only in Windows Vista. By default, Protected Mode is enabled for Internet, Intranet and Restricted zones while disabled for the Trusted Sites and Local Machine zone. To enable or disable Protected Mode for a zone go to: Internet Options > Security tab > Select the...
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    Latest Update from Molly

    Hey everybody! Molly Holzschlag here. As some folks might be aware, I’ve been visiting Microsoft, refining our work goals in relation to standards, and meeting some really great people in the process. One thing that’s really got me excited is how many people from around the company reached out to me with great enthusiasm regarding product evolution in relation to Web standards and interoperability. This did come as a surprise, frankly, I was confident that the IE team is more than interested in doing...
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    IE7 in Windows Vista: Configuring Your View Source Editor

    We’ve noticed a few blog posts asking why IE7 in Windows Vista displays a prompt to launch Notepad. You can see this prompt by right clicking on a webpage and selecting View Source. I want to explain why the prompt is displayed and also tell you how to turn it off. As you probably already know from previous blog entries , Windows Vista includes an IE security feature called Protected Mode. Protected Mode runs the IE process with lower privileges and also helps protect against malicious webpages...
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    MSXML4 to be Disabled in Late 2007

    Jeremy Dallman here with some important information from the MSXML team to the IE development community. The XML Team’s Blog has recently announced that they will be issuing a kill-bit for MSXML4 at the end of 2007 (October-December timeframe). Please read through the below post copied from the XML Team’s Blog and start validating your applications against MSXML6. They have provided an email address to field your questions or concerns. Please don’t hesitate to contact them with your feedback....
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    Deployment Guide Now Available to Help Businesses Deploy IE7

    Hi, my name is Mike Chan, and I’m a product manager for Internet Explorer focused on businesses. This week, we released two documents to help businesses get IE7 deployed. The first document explains the business value of upgrading to Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP and can help you convince your management to deploy the latest version of IE. The second document provides detailed guidance on how to get moving on that deployment. The IE7 Technology Overview for Businesses describes how improvements...
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    IE6 VPC Refresh Now Available

    In my original blog post about releasing the IE6 Virtual PC Image, we mentioned that it would expire on April 1st, 2007 (no, it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke), and that we’d be releasing a new VPC image to replace it sometime in March. Well, I’m happy to report that I propped the new VHD up on Monday morning. You can download the image here . Take note that a free download of Virtual PC 2007 is now available, replacing VPC2004. I didn’t make any major changes to the image other than adding the latest...
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    Announcing IE Add-ons Contest Winners!

    Just after we released IE7, we announced a contest for developers. Create and submit an add-on to and the best add-on would win a trip for two to MIX07. Entries needed to be submitted to between November 1, 2006 and February 9, 2007, had to be either a completely new add-on or an enhanced version of an existing add-on. We recruited members of the Internet Explorer product team to install and review the add-ons. With over 400 entries, it was a difficult decision to...
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    Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 Released

    I would like to announce that Microsoft released Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 . This service pack contains a roll-up of all IE6 fixes to date. It will not upgrade IE6 users to IE7. For more information about other changes in the release please refer to the "Evaluate and Plan" section of the Windows Server 2003 SP2 download page . IE7 users can upgrade directly to Windows Server 2003 SP2 without uninstalling IE7 first. There has been some confusion around this point. We are in the process...
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    Using Outlook Web Access (OWA) on IE7 and Windows Vista

    Hi, I’m B. Ashok, the Product Unit Manager for Web Development Tools . As mentioned in my earlier post last summer, we have removed the DHTML Editing Control from Windows Vista as part of making the operating system more secure. One application that used the DHTML Editing Control in the past was OWA (Outlook Web Access). We have issued a required update to both Exchange 2000 and 2003 that enables OWA support for IE7 in Windows Vista. However if your server does not have this update applied, you...
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    Troubleshooting Favicons in IE7

    I posted a short FAQ on troubleshooting Favicons in IE7 on my blog . The post has been fairly popular since the initial posting, and these questions come up a lot, so we thought we’d bring it to the attention of the larger IE community. If you have further questions, I will be happy to answer them. –Jeff Davis, SDE
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    IE7 in Vista: Folder Redirection for Favorites on the Same Machine

    One thing I like to do when I set up my machine is customize the location of my personal stuff like photos, documents, pictures, and favorites to a different drive in order to preserve my files during the onslaught of dual booting, upgrading the OS etc. which I often perform as a tester on IE. For the sake of relevance and simplicity, I am going to limit this discussion to only Favorites and not all of the shell folders. What used to be an undesirable hack in XP is now a fully supported feature...
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    The Countdown to Mix07 Has Started!

    I can’t believe it’s already been almost a year since MIX06 , and the countdown for MIX07 has started. With 63 days until MIX07 starts, and the early bird discount still available, now is the time to register ! While the list of sessions is still being finalized, the IE team is going to be there in force again this year. We’ve already announced a few IE specific sessions, including “IE7 Past, Present and Future”, “Making Money with RSS”, and “Thinking in CSS: How to Build Great Looking Sites with...
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    IPv6 URIs in IE7

    One of the benefits of creating a new URI parsing API for IE7 was that we were able to more easily add support for IPv6 addresses in URIs throughout IE7. This blog post will describe the use of IPv6 URIs in IE7. IPv6 Syntax One of the advantages of IPv6 over IPv4 is that IPv6 addresses are four times longer than IPv4 addresses (128 bits vs. 32 bits) allowing for about 3.402 * 10 38 unique IPv6 addresses. Due to the longer length, a new and more compact textual representation is used for IPv6...
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    Zones and Default Settings

    It’s always good practice when developing web pages to test them in browsers with default settings as it is most likely that your users will have default settings when using their browsers. One thing that we’ve seen catch a couple of people out with IE is that the default settings can be a little different depending on the security zone the page is running in. Many of you will be familiar with the different security zones in Internet Explorer with the internet and intranet zones being two that...
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    IE February 2007 Security Update is Now Available

    The IE cumulative February 2007 security update is now available via Windows Update . Alternatively, you can receive this and all other Microsoft updates via the new Microsoft Update . I encourage you to upgrade to Microsoft Update if you haven’t already. This update addresses 3 security issues – all three are remote code execution vulnerabilities. For more information on the contents of this update, please see: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS07-016 Microsoft Knowledge Base article 928090...
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    Dealing with List Feeds

    Recently, I received an interesting customer question I thought I would share. A web developer presented me with the following scenario: his web application lets users create and manage a list of items, and this list is exposed as a feed so users can be updated when it changes. However, after the user deletes an item using the web application, that item is still present in the feed view of the RSS aggregator. Since the feed is supposed to correctly reflect the state of the user’s item list, this...
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    International Mailto URIs in IE7

    Introduction New to IE7 is more reliable and standards-compliant support for international mailto URIs. This post will describe how users, application developers, and web developers can use this new feature of IE7. The following is a simple example of a mailto URI which, when clicked, will launch your default email client to send a new message: In IE6, mailto URIs containing characters not found in your system codepage may or may not appear in your mail client...
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    IE Add-ons Updated

    We’ve refreshed the look of the IE Add-ons site and integrated the site with Windows Marketplace . You can go there directly at or from within IE7 (choose Tools->Manage Add-ons->Find More Add-ons.) While you’re there, take a look at my favorite IE7 add-on, the NewsGator Desktop Synchronizer , which keeps the IE7 RSS feed list in sync with the NewsGator Online list. This lets me keep the same RSS feeds on my work and home computers as well as giving me a web UI to read feeds. ...
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