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    March Chat with the IE Team

    On Thursday March 9 th at 10:00AM PST it will be time for the monthly Expert Zone Chat with the IE team. Members of the Internet Explorer team will be present to discuss the product and answer your questions. These chats are always a lot of fun with team members typing answers furiously to keep pace with the incoming questions. As always we’ll publish a transcript of the chat later for those unable to attend. Look forward to seeing you there. Thanks - Dave
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    Sample RSS Screensaver

    Walter has posted details about the RSS Screensaver sample that’s recently gone live on MSDN. If you have IE7 Beta 2 Preview installed (and who doesn’t?), subscribe to a couple of photo feeds (RSS feeds with pictures as enclosures – examples are in Walter’s post) and the screen saver will automatically pick them up using the Windows RSS Platform that powers IE7’s RSS features. More samples using the RSS platform will be coming soon. Of course, if you have any of your own, let us know about...
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    ClearType in Internet Explorer 7

    Hi. My name is Bill Hill, and I’m one of the original inventors of ClearType. My job at Microsoft is Director of Advanced Reading Technologies. The ClearType and Readability Research Group which handles the ongoing development of ClearType reports to me. Our team’s mission is straightforward: "Research and develop innovative technologies that improve reading on the screen for Microsoft customers worldwide". Surprisingly, reading’s the major task for which people use their computers ...
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    IE7 Shapes Up

    I am sitting here with Molly Holzschlag and Andy Clarke at the W3C Technical Plenary meeting in Mandelieu, France and I am showing them our latest bits, which we plan to hand out for the MIX06 conference (and yes, we’ll hand out publicly after the conference too). They wanted to give me a little challenge and asked me to show them 2 of their favorite pages: Gemination, Egor Kloos’s progressively enhanced CSS Zen Garden design and Malarkey’s personal Web site. Here are Molly’s and Andy’s responses...
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    Windows Vista and Parental Controls in IE7

    Hello World! I’m Sharon Cohen, Program Manager for parental controls in IE7. If you haven’t heard about Windows Vista Parental Controls, be sure to read Brian’s blog post which gives a great overview of the feature. I’d like to fill you in on the great features IE7 adds to Windows Vista Parental Controls. IE7 offers two features which will enhance the Windows Vista Parental Controls experience for both parents and children. As Brian described, when Parental Controls have been enabled on a child...
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    Family Safety on Windows Vista

    My name is Brian Trenbeath, a Program Manager on the Windows Vista team, and I would like to take a quick moment to tell you about the new set of Family Safety features coming with Windows Vista. First, many thanks to the IE team for allowing me time on their blog to tell you about this exciting new feature area that is coming with Windows Vista! Parental Controls on Windows Vista is a new, much anticipated part of the overall Microsoft Family Safety story. With Windows Vista, tools are now...
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    Application Compatibility Logging In IE7

    As Rob pointed out in his last blog post on security and compatibility in IE7 , one of the biggest challenges in software development is making the software secure and compatible at the same time. In IE7, we have many new security features that help protect users against various attacks by blocking certain content, but as a consequence, some web applications may no longer work as they used to. To help web developers and IT professional find such compatibility issues, IE7 offers an application compatibility...
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    IE Chat Transcript online

    I just wanted to thank everyone who attended the IE Expert Zone chat earlier this month and point out that the official transcript is now available online . The chat was a lot of fun and included eating donuts as we typed answers furiously to keep pace with the questions. There is still some debate around the question that someone asked "Who is the nerdiest of the IE team ?" :-) We do plan to hold these chats regularly on the second Thursday of every month so please join us on March 9 th for the...
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    IE at MIX06

    One more MIX plug, since it’s coming up fast. The IE talks have been posted to the MIX06 session list now, including “The Future of IE” discussion session where we will present an overview of our direction for IE beyond IE7, and hold an open discussion to take your input to shape the future of IE. There’s also a breakout session led by myself titled “Open, De Jure, De Facto and Proprietary: Standards and Microsoft,” where I will lay out how HTML, Javascript, C#, XAML, XHTML, XML, SVG, and other standards...
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    Internet Explorer Administration Kit and Group Policy in IE7

    I am a program manager on the Internet Explorer team and in this post I would like to share what we are doing in the manageability, customization and deployment space. The two key features are IEAK 7 - The Internet Explorer Administration Kit , and GP - Group Policy in Internet Explorer 7. Before going on to IEAK & GP, I want to briefly talk about some terms I have used ahead - Deployment - The process of distributing and installing a software program on a number of machines. This becomes...
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    IE 7 Setup: Secure From the Start

    Hi, my name is John Hrvatin and I'm the program manager for Internet Explorer setup. I'd like to share some of the ways setup in IE 7 helps keep you more secure and IE running smoothly. Prior to installing IE 7, setup runs the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool to clean your system of known malware and help prevent problems installing IE 7 or running it for the first time. If you keep your computer up-to-date using Windows Update , which hopefully everyone does, you will already have the...
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    Bidirectional behavior in IE 7 is better than IE 6

    Hello. My name is Wujun Wang and I am a tester on the IE team in Beijing. My area of test focus is BiDi. Wait, what is BiDi? When I searched for “bidi” at , it defined bidi as "A thin, often flavored Indian cigarette made of tobacco wrapped in a tendu leaf." So you know what I do. I am testing cigarettes! Well, not really. BiDi is a short name often used for the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm ( ). When text is presented in horizontal...
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    Security and Compatibility with IE7

    One of the biggest challenges in making software more secure is maintaining compatibility with the existing functionality that customers depend on. We’re here at the RSA security conference in Silicon Valley to work with other software and security professionals to meet our customers’ expectations for safety and compatibility. While we have taken a great deal of care to preserve compatibility, the new security features in Internet Explorer 7 do change the way platform works and only testing with...
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    IE February 2006 Security Update is now available

    The IE February 2006 security update is now available! This security update is now available via Windows Update . Please note: this update only applies to IE5.01 SP4. Users running the supported versions of IE6 or later do not need to apply this update. Windows 2000 customers are encouraged to upgrade to IE6SP1. Windows XP customers are not affected by this update. Alternatively, you can receive this and all other Microsoft updates available via the new Microsoft Update . I would encourage you...
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    Suppressing Dialogs on Background Tabs

    Hi, I’m Tony Schreiner , and as you may recall from an earlier post I work on the tabbed browsing architecture in IE7. One of the new features in the IE7 Beta 2 Preview is the ability to suppress modal dialogs from background tabs. This addresses one common problem with tabbed browsing where a web site on a background tab can launch a dialog that must be immediately dealt with by the user. Even worse than the interruption is the risk that the user will not realize the dialog came from a background...
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    Tabbed Browsing User Experience in the Beta 2 Preview

    We didn’t introduce tabs in the Beta 2 Preview, but we did improve our experience a lot! We heard a ton of feedback from Beta 1, and made some great changes that I’m confident will be appreciated. I’d like to remind everyone about what we introduced in Beta 1, summarize the feedback we received, and then talk a bit about the big changes to look for in the Beta 2 Preview. Remembering Beta 1 Not everyone saw our Beta 1 functionality, here are some highlights… Putting tabs in Internet Explorer...
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    Search in IE7

    Several parties have made claims about how search works in IE7. I think those claims are awfully confusing, especially for anyone who has used the product. In this post, I want to describe our overall approach to how search works in IE7 and some of the thinking behind the current behavior. For readers who only skim and don’t want the details, here is how IE7 behaves: Ultimately, the user is in control with IE7. Adding to and modifying the list of search providers and choosing a default provider...
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    Quick Tabs

    Hi, this is Uche again, I am back to talk about Quick Tabs, a visual way of managing tabs in Internet Explorer that complements the tabbed browsing experience quite nicely. This feature came about when we realized there were two main issues users were likely to encounter when browsing using tabs. First, as you open more tabs there is less space to show titles, making it difficult to identify a specific tab. Second, because many web pages have very similar titles picking the correct tab by title alone...
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    The little rss icon - what makes it glow?

    About once or twice a day, we get an email from someone asking why it is that IE 7 isn't detecting an RSS feed on a particular page that clearly has a feed associated with it. Usually, this means that there's an RSS or XML button somewhere on the page. The user can visually tell that there's a feed, so why can't IE? Well, feed auto-discovery works in a very simple way. Instead of trying guess the intent of the publisher and trying to figure out whether there's an little orange (or blue, or...
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    Protected Mode in Vista IE7

    Hi, I’m Mike Friedman. I work on the IE team in the area of security. You may remember me from my previous IE blog post . We here on the IE team have a continuing focus on making web browsing safe from a variety of outside threats. Microsoft Windows Vista introduced an enhanced security model that we were able to build on in Vista's version of IE7. I want to tell you about a new major IE defense-in-depth security feature called Protected Mode. Defense in depth is a security principle that a system...
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    Visit with IE team members at a conference in your area soon!

    Members of the IE team will be traveling far and wide over the next month, attending conferences and speaking with you, our customers, about IE7. Look for us at RSA next week and Blackhat Europe , South by Southwest , and Mix06 in March. We’re considering attending ETech , and we’re looking at other conferences through the rest of 2006, so hopefully we’ll get to your corner of the world. Be sure to look us up if you have any questions about IE7. See you in San Jose, Amsterdam, Austin, and...
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    IE Developer Toolbar Beta 2

    Beta 2 of the developer toolbar is now available. Beta 2 includes numerous fixes to improve stability, usability and performance along with a couple of additional features such as the ability to enable and disable CSS on the page. The developer toolbar has become an essential tool for us in diagnosing issues with web pages. Being able to click on an element in the page and find out where it is in the element hierarchy is just one of the invaluable facilities it provides. Let us know if you...
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    The Keyboard Lover’s Guide to IE7

    Many are content to spend all day clicking fancy looking buttons or menu items in order to get their tasks accomplished, but those who know the correct keyboard and mouse shortcuts can often get around applications more efficiently: Browsing the web with Internet Explorer is no exception. I want to take a minute to discuss a few useful shortcuts already available in IE6 that will help you get around the web, and then list some great new shortcuts we are providing in IE7. First: Getting around...
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    Searching is better in Beta 2!

    In a previous post , I introduced our Beta 1 search functionality and mentioned we would soon ensure you can add search providers to IE without executable code or a masterful knowledge of the registry. Now that we’ve released the Beta 2 Preview I’d like to take a few minutes to describe the two separate extensibility mechanisms we’ve introduced to make this happen: window.external.AddSearchProvider, and Search Discovery. window.external.AddSearchProvider() In Beta 2 any site...
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    Talk to the IE team

    On Thursday Feb 9 th at 10:00AM PST there will be a public Expert Zone chat on Internet Explorer . The Expert Zone is a community of Windows enthusiasts and this is the Internet Explorer team’s turn to host a chat session. Members of the IE team will be available and ready to discuss Internet Explorer and of course the recent preview of beta 2 of IE7 is likely to be a hot topic. There is a limit on the number of people that the chat room can contain so unfortunately we cannot guarantee that everyone...
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