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    A Note about the DHTML Editing Control in IE7+

    Hi, I’m B. Ashok, the Product Unit Manager for Web Development Tools – we have our own team blog ( ), but I wanted to post over here to discuss a change my team has made which has an effect on users of IE7+ in Windows Vista. Specifically, we are removing the DHTML Editing Control from the Windows Vista product. The DHTML Editing Control shipped in Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server, in a file called dhtmled.ocx. This file contained two flavors of the control:...
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    Enforcement takes the fight to the phishers

    Hi, I’m Aaron Kornblum, Internet Safety Enforcement Attorney at Microsoft, and a member of Microsoft’s global team committed to help fight cybercrime and protect our customers while they are online. As a parent, former Air Force prosecutor and civil litigator, and now in-house corporate counsel focused on Internet Safety, I am increasingly concerned by the proliferation of cybercrime and, in particular, online fraud such as phishing. My IE colleagues have invited me to share with you the news of...
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    IE interview on Matasano

    My short interview with Window Snyder from Matasano has been posted over on their blog . Check it out! -Christopher Vaughan
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    MSN Spaces Updated

    We got a lot of feedback that people were unable to add photos to their MSN Space using IE7 Beta 2. The MSN Spaces update fixes this issue while adding support for a lot of other cools things, like modules for daily tasks and those including Windows Live Gadgets . So test it out, upload your photos and keep sending us your feedback. - Anurag
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    IE June Chat Transcript Online

    The transcript from the June 8 th chat is now available online . The chat was a lot of fun as we kept up with the frantic pace of answering the stream of questions in the hour available. Donuts, as usual, kept us going. Keep an eye on the chat schedule at for upcoming chats. We typically hold the IE chats on the second Thursday of every month. Thanks to everyone who showed up for their feedback and we hope to see you at the next chat...
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    IE ActiveX Update in June Security Update

    The June Security Update for IE also contains a non-security change to the handling of ActiveX controls; this is the same functionality that was contained in the April IE Security update . However, unlike the April release, there is no publicly available Compatibility Patch. If your company has issues with the timeline of upgrading applications, please work with your Microsoft Account Team or specific ISV (application provider). Again, due to the nature of this topic, we are not taking comments on...
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    IE June 2006 Security Update is now available

    The IE cumulative June 2006 security update is now available via Windows Update . Alternatively, you can receive this and all other Microsoft updates via the new Microsoft Update and I encourage you to upgrade to Microsoft Update if you haven’t already. This update addresses 8 security issues: 5 remote code execution vulnerabilities, one information disclosure vulnerability, one information disclosure/spoofing vulnerability and one spoofing vulnerability. For more information on the contents of...
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    Reset Internet Explorer Settings

    Hello, we are Durga and Bala, from the IE IDC team. We would like to describe to you, a new feature in Internet Explorer 7 and 7+, Reset Internet Explorer Settings. We have heard from users on their need to recover Internet Explorer to a workable state if it reaches an unusable state due to spurious add-ons, incompatible browser extensions, spyware or malware. Reset Internet Explorer Settings (RIES) provides a one-button solution to get Internet Explorer settings to its workable state. Internet...
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    Yahoo! ships customized IE7 beta 2

    We often talk with our partners about all the ways they can take advantage of the extensibility in IE7. Today, Yahoo! released something new and (I think) pretty cool. “Internet Explorer 7 optimized by Yahoo!” presets the homepage and search to Yahoo properties. Of course, users can easily change the settings just as they can with the standard version that we ship. The Yahoo! version of IE7 is available now on the Yahoo site . Yahoo! used the beta version of the Internet Explorer Administration...
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    An XMLHTTPRequest tip

    Over on the Ajax Blog, Dion Almaer passed on an important tip from Brent Ashley and Tim Aiello for AJAX developers – to have your cross-browser AJAX work better with IE7, you really should be invoking the native XMLHttpRequest (the cross-browser one) first to see if it’s available before instantiating the ActiveX control, instead of the other way around. In addition to the reasons that Brent and Tim discovered, I’ve seen a bunch of code that creates the XMLHttpRequest object, uses it for a request...
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    June Chat with IE team

    Members of the IE team will be online for an Expert Zone chat this coming Thursday June 8 th at 10.00AM PST. These chats are a great opportunity to have your questions answered and hear from members of the IE product team. A transcript will be published after the chat and transcripts of other recent chats are available. These chats are a lot of fun and we hope you will join us for the chat if you can. Cheers - Uche
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    A Caching Issue in IE7 Beta 2

    Hello, Eric Lawrence here from the IE Networking team. I’ve seen a few bug reports and blog comments regarding an observed change in IE7 Beta 2’s caching behavior, and I wanted to post a quick explanation about the situation and assure you that it will be resolved in the next beta. In IE7 Beta 2, we made a change our handling of the Post-Check and Pre-Check extensions in the HTTP Cache-Control header. If you’re not familiar with these extensions, you can get a quick overview here: http://msdn...
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    Announcing IE7+

    With the release of Windows Vista Beta 2 , I want to announce that we will be naming the version of IE7 in Windows Vista “Internet Explorer 7+”. While all versions of IE7 are built from the same code base, there are some important differences in IE7+, most significantly the addition of Windows Vista-only features like Protected Mode, Parental Controls, and improved Network Diagnostics. These features take advantage of big changes in Windows Vista and weren’t practical to bring downlevel...
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    Phoiling Phishing at WWW2006

    If you’re at the WWW2006 conference here in beautiful Edinburgh Scotland, you’ve probably seen a number of great presentations already such as yesterday’s discussion on Identity Management featuring Kim Cameron from the Infocard team. Today (Friday) I’m sitting on a panel called Phoiling Phishing hosted by Harvard Researcher Rachna Dhamija , where we’ll focus more specifically on the issue of Phishing and techniques browsers can implement to “phoil” the attacks. I hope you’ll come to discuss if you...
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    AJAX Experience & Tools

    Hi there! My name is Laurel Reitman and I’m a Lead Program Manager on the Internet Explorer team working on our Programming Model. I had the pleasure of attending the AJAX Experience May 10th-12th down in San Francisco. A big thanks to Ben & Dion from for hosting the conference. It was a great opportunity to sit down with developers who are building AJAX-style web sites as well as developers who are building tools to make it easier for others to build rich applications. I feel...
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    Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5.0 Beta

    In my last blog post I mentioned how important compatibility is, for example, you might see a certificate error page and would like to know what the problem with the website digital certificate is. In order to help you get ready for IE7, the IE team released a small tool that can be used to find compatibility issues when using IE7 beta builds. I am happy to announce that Microsoft has released a beta of the fully featured compatibility tool, the Microsoft Application Compatibility...
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    Transcript for IE Expert Zone Chat

    The transcript from the May 11 th chat is now available online . The Chat was fun as usual and we had a blast. People seemed very excited with IE7 Beta 2 and were curious about what to expect in Beta 3. You can find out when the next chat will be at . We typically hold the IE chats on the second Thursday of every month. Cheers Uche
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    Thank you, Al

    Hello everybody, My name is Anurag Jain and I am a Program Manager on the IE team. I am also involved in the sustained engineering efforts to support IE6, and chances are that I might have spoken to some of you on the phone. I would like to thank Al for the great work he has done here, both with the IE blog and his other duties, and wish him the very best in his future endeavors. I hope everyone is enjoying the second beta of IE7. Keep sending us your feedback! - Anurag
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    A New Blogfather is Born

    Hello everyone, I wanted to let the readers of the IEBlog know that the torch is being passed today on the blog. A fellow program manager, Anurag Jain, is taking over running the day to day activity and moderation duties that keep this blog going on the IE team. You should expect to see posts and comments from him in the future as the official moderator (or “Blogfather” as we call it) for the IEBlog. Please treat him with the love and affection that you have shown me. :-) Today is my last day...
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    May chat with IE team

    Members of the IE team will be online for an Expert Zone chat this coming Thursday May 11 th at 4.00PM PST. These chats are a great opportunity to have your questions answered and hear from members of the IE product team. A transcript will be published after the chat and transcripts of other recent chats are available. These chats are a lot of fun and we hope you will join us for the chat if you can. Cheers - Uche
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    User Privacy and the Phishing Filter

    When we shipped the Microsoft Phishing Filter in Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1, many readers on the blog asked: if the Phishing Filter is checking suspicious URLs against a web service, how would Microsoft protect user privacy? We know that for customers to benefit from the work we put into the Phishing Filter, they have to trust us enough to use it. As you’ve been hearing for years, Microsoft now engineers our products to be more secure by default. In the same way, we engineered the Phishing Filter...
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    IE7 Beta 2 now available in multiple languages

    After endless nights and countless slices of pizza, the IE team is proud to announce the availability of Arabic, Finnish, and German versions of IE7 Beta 2 in addition to the English versions we released a week and a half ago . We are also on track to deliver Japanese versions of IE7 Beta 2 on Monday, May 8 th , at 9:00PM PST. You can download IE7 beta 2 from the following locations: Arabic Finnish http://www...
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    Mix Sessions and IE Video now Online

    This morning there are some new sessions and videos available that feature the IE team. All of the Mix06 conference sessions are now available online. There are some great sessions to check out including the following ones from the IE team: NGW042 - Making Your Site Look Great in IE7 - The tools Markus shows in his talk are available here . NGW006 - Making Your Site Work with IE7 Security NGW028 - Open, De Jure, De Facto and Proprietary: Standards and Microsoft NGW048 - The Future...
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    Where are my tabs?

    My name is John Hrvatin and I’m the Program Manager for IE setup. Some customers have reported that after successfully completing IE7 setup, they do not have a tab band. I’d like to shed some light on this issue and offer a solution. IE’s tab implementation depends on xmllite.dll which is installed with IE7 but through a separate installer bundled within the IE setup process. If you extract the contents of the IE7 installation package and run update.exe directly, you will skip this step which...
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    Search in IE7 (Part 2)

    I posted previously that in IE7, the user is in control of search, and that changing the default search provider (as well as modifying the list of search engines in IE7’s list) is easy. In this post I’ll describe some of the specifics and recap feedback we’ve gotten from users. The short version: the search box in IE7 is not Microsoft’s. It belongs to the user. Our guiding principle for the search box in IE7 is that the user is in control. Read on for details. The Default . The typical default...
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