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April, 2010

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    Forcing Internet Explorer To Forget To Not Remember

    All joking aside, last fall, I wrote about the variety of reasons why Internet Explorer might not offer to remember your password on a web form. As I mentioned then, you will not be re-prompted to save your password if you’ve previously declined...
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    COMET Streaming in Internet Explorer

    The request/response nature of HTTP works very well for traditional web pages, but to build dynamic AJAX applications, it’s often desirable for the server to be able to send data to the client on its own schedule. You could imagine, for instance...
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    Understanding Session Lifetime

    Back in May of last year , I discussed changes we made in Internet Explorer 8 to make the browser’s session handling behavior more predictable. Specifically, we introduced a “New Session” item on the File menu—this menu item explicitly creates a new browser...
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    HTTPS Caching and Internet Explorer

    From time-to-time, I get questions about Internet Explorer’s behavior when it comes to caching of HTTPS-delivered content. It comes as a surprise to many that by-default, all versions of Internet Explorer will cache HTTPS content so long as the...
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    IE8 Lookahead Downloader Fixed

    Background Last year, I wrote about two bugs in IE8’s Lookahead Downloader that would cause IE8 to make spurious download requests for non-existent URLs. These spurious download requests generally went unnoticed by users, because the main parser would...
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    Custom Cursors in CSS

    I spend most of my time on networking, performance, and browser security issues, but while working on a test page recently, I came across some interesting behavior and cross-browser differences when using custom cursors in HTML content. Web developers...
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    Security Intelligence Report Volume 8 Released

    The latest version of Microsoft's Security Intelligence Report has been released, covering July-December 2009. Reading even just the "Key Findings" document paints a fascinating picture of the web threat landscape and improved security of later OS and...
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