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February, 2011

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    IE9 Compatibility: Proper Use of the Charset Token

    Recently, during site-compatibility testing of IE9, we encountered a cool online game that does not load properly in Internet Explorer. Using the F12 Developer Tools’ Script debugger, the page immediately hits a script error (“ c00ce56e ”...
  • IEInternals

    IE9 Compatibility–HttpOpenRequest and lplpszAcceptTypes

    The WinINET API allows the caller to specify the accepted MIME types for a given HTTP request by passing a null-terminated array of null-terminated strings using the lplpszAcceptTypes parameter. When calling the HttpOpenRequest API, applications must...
  • IEInternals

    URL Components in the DOM

    The IE team has been working our way through the remaining issues reported from internal and external testing of the IE9 Release Candidate. In the course of investigating one recent internal-site compatibility bug, I ran across an interesting interoperability...
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    IE9 No-Reboot Setup and the Windows Restart Manager

    On Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9 can often be installed without rebooting the system. In cases where a system restart is required, either the system lacks one of the required prerequisites (so IE Setup is forced to install it and reboot) or a running...
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    Understanding the IE9 Software Rendering Mode

    I recently heard from some users who are seeing lower-than-expected scores on the Speed Reading and FishIE Tank benchmarks. I went to check these tests myself and found that my laptop’s score was low. In fact, it was much lower than I’d seen...
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    IE9 RC Minor Changes List

    Back in September, I published a list of minor changes in IE9 Beta . In today’s post, I will provide an updated list of things that have changed in the IE9 Release candidate. Note: This list also includes a few changes that were present in Beta...
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    IE9 RC Now Available

    The Release Candidate of Internet Explorer 9 is now available . I’ll be posting my IE9 RC Minor Changes list sometime in the next week—we’ve made a ton of improvements since beta, and I’m excited to talk about all of them. For...
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