This blog is closed as of 2/2015. @EricLaw left Microsoft in 2012, but was named an IE MVP in '13 & an IE userAgent ( in '14.

May, 2012

  • IEInternals

    Brain Dump: Random Tidbits

    This post contains random IE-related tidbits for which there’s either not enough material or time to write a full post. I expect to revisit and expand this list from time to time. Case-Sensitivity in Cross-Frame Scripting of File URIs Same...
  • IEInternals

    Please Stop Polluting

    When I surf the web, I almost always have Fiddler running, and as a consequence I see a lot of “hidden” pollution in pages. Much of this cruft has built up over the years, copied from site to site, probably with little critical thought about...
  • IEInternals

    Use IMG tags only for Images

    First, a bit of background. When web developers are optimizing the performance of their sites, often they try to use their homepage to pre-cache resources that will be used on later pages. They might do so by kicking off "pre-fetch" resource downloads...
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