This blog is closed as of 2/2015. @EricLaw left Microsoft in 2012, but was named an IE MVP in '13 & an IE userAgent ( in '14.

August, 2012

  • IEInternals

    Proxy-Authentication breaks many applications

    When I first joined Office, I worked on the team responsible for delivering Help, Templates, and ClipArt into the client applications. As we were testing our work in various simulated customer environments, we found a big problem. At least one big customer...
  • IEInternals

    Downloading ZIP-Based Formats

    More and more file formats are based on the ZIP format . The Open Packaging Conventions use ZIP as a base format, and that means frameworks like .NET’s System.IO.Packaging also generate files that are valid ZIP files. The Office 2007+ formats are...
  • IEInternals

    Networking Improvements in IE10 and Windows 8

    Internet Explorer 10’s networking code builds upon the performance improvements in IE9 ( caching , overall networking ) to help ensure that IE10 loads pages as quickly as possible. In IE10, we identified a few key areas for improvement based on...
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