This blog is closed as of 2/2015. @EricLaw left Microsoft in 2012, but was named an IE MVP in '13 & an IE userAgent ( in '14.

April, 2014

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    Unicode in URL changes for IE11

    I wrote a bit about Internet Explorer’s International Settings back in July of 2012. Internet Explorer 10 and 11 quietly brought some changes: In IE10, the Use UTF-8 for mailto links option was removed . In IE11, the misleadingly-named...
  • IEInternals

    Internet Explorer 11 and Perfect-Forward-Secrecy

    In case you missed it, the recent Windows 8.1 Update update adds four new ciphersuites (including two supported by Chrome32) and changes the ciphersuite order to prefer algorithms that offer Perfect-Forward-Secrecy. You can read more about this update...
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    Managed Code Browser Extensions

    I love the .NET Framework. I’ve been programming in C# since 2001, I spent much of my free time for a decade building Fiddler on .NET, and I now code in C# for a living. .NET provides a fantastic, highly-productive platform suitable for building...
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    Awesome IE11 News, in case you missed it

    Big news from the //build conference this week: 1. The IE team has announced a feature-implementation tracking site, which you can find at . This site shows what IE supports (and when it supported it) and provides a look at...
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