This blog is closed as of 2/2015. @EricLaw left Microsoft in 2012, but was named an IE MVP in '13 & an IE userAgent ( in '14.

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  • Blog Post: Proper Content-Type Header Syntax

    I’ve previously mentioned one site that wasn’t working properly due to sending a malformed Content-Type header. Today, I encountered another site with a similar problem, but in a subtly different way. Looking at the IE9 F12 Network tab, you can see the problem: As you can see...
  • Blog Post: Custom Cursors in CSS

    I spend most of my time on networking, performance, and browser security issues, but while working on a test page recently, I came across some interesting behavior and cross-browser differences when using custom cursors in HTML content. Web developers can choose which cursor is shown when hovering...
  • Blog Post: CSS History Probing, or: "I know where you went last week"

    Background One of the interesting attacks which makes the rounds every few years concerns the ability of web pages to use CSS to detect whether or not certain URLs have been visited. Given a sufficiently large set of URLs to probe, a website may be able to develop an interesting profile of where your...
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