I'm pleased to announce that after a lot of trails and tribulations, the DWG IFilter is finally ready. Those who have been following the posts by Marco and myself under Chronicles of an IFilter development must be curious to know as to what the end result was. Well, here's the latest on the topic in Marco's own words:

CAD & Company would like to introduce you to the DWG IFilter 2007, our newest version of DWG IFilter. This release is our answer to the changing search and indexing needs with DWG and DXF files.


Why this release? At CAD & Company, the DWG IFilter has been available for some time now. Due to evolution in Microsoft Search technology and the continuing progress in the DWG file format, we needed to add some new features to the IFilter to support these changes. In addition to these technical improvements to the product, DWG IFilter 2007 makes the installation easier than ever before by including a one-click support to register with SharePoint 2007 (MOSS & WSS) and SQL Server 2005 FTS. DWG IFilter 2007 will also support the 2007 and 2008 AutoCAD DWG file types in addition to previous versions of DWG file types.


What is an IFilter? An IFilter generally allows your search and search indexing product to access a certain file type; and for non-Microsoft file types you will need a non-Microsoft IFilter.


Will DWG IFilter 2007 improve desktop searching? With DWG IFilter 2007, you will easily be able to add AutoCAD DWG files to your desktop search results. DWG IFilter 2007 can be used with any popular desktop tool, including Microsoft Windows Desktop Search.


Will DWG IFilter 2007 work with Microsoft SharePoint? DWG IFilter 2007 adds DWG and DXF content search to your SharePoint sites in just one click! Depending on your version, you can extend the scope of the SharePoint search to include network shares, intranet sites and Microsoft Exchange Public folders, making search an incredibly powerful tool to locate all your files.


The DWG IFilter 2007 will enable your search tool to serve as a quick index to all your DWG files. Depending on your search tool, your results list will include a “teaser” which displays the extracted text surrounding your search terms. This makes locating the right DWG file faster and easier than ever before.


Please visit www.dwgifilter.com to download your free trial and find out more about DWG IFilter 2007!


For any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at ifilter@cadcompany.nl.



Kind Regards,


Marco van Schagen

DWG IFilter Team



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