Well, I’m posting a link, so that might give it away. I mentioned in my Facebook post of the link that I think the reason is our really excellent system for identifying the type of ads that a user of a particular app would want to see. Users are much more likely to click through ads they want more information about. You can find out more about that system here.

You’ll Never Guess Which Mobile OS Has Highest Ad Click Rate

Mobile ad network Smaato today released its quarterly mobile ad metrics report and the results show a surprising turnaround from a year ago. Last May, Symbian phones offered the highest ad click-through rates in the U.S. on Smaato’s network, followed by Apple iOS devices and feature phones, with other platforms rounding out the remaining spots. Fast forward to the present day, and Smaato notes that Microsoft Windows Phone 7 owners are click-happy and leading the pack around the world.