Continuing from where I stopped last week…

Feature Number 4 is Easier XPath Queries with Namespaces. This feature is dependent on the availability of the XPathDocument which currently is not present in our Beta1 release. So the current status of NETCF with regard to this is “Maybe”.

Feature Number 3 is The XPathDocument as a Faster DOM. Just as mentioned in previous posts this is not a Beta1 feature nevertheless it is being considered for V2.

Feature Number 2 is the XPathEditableNavigator, an updatable cursor (See above comments).

Feature Number 1 is Performance. You bet!! Our SP2 release featured some XmlTextReader performance improvements however we’re much more excited about our gains in performance in V2. The XmlTextReader performance has stepped up another notch (compared to the SP2 release). In V2 The XmlTextReader and XmlTextWriter performance (similar to Desktop performance improvement) are on the average twice as fast as SP2!!

This definitely makes V2 of NETCF something to look forward to.

My next post is going to feature System.Messaging on the Compact Framework.

As always feedback and comments are most welcome.