So I was surfing the web for some technical articles recently (which BTW happens to be one of my favorite pastimes) and I ran into this article by Peter A. Bromberg. In this article he covers a sample MSMQ implementation that sends a message (MSMQ message) over the Internet via HTTP to a remote queue and having a trigger on the remote queue spawn an instance of an Executable that handles some required business logic in the enterprise. It’s quite an interesting read and I think this would be one of the many usage scenarios we would see in CE MSMQ. However one of the limitations of the Pocket PC is that it does not support HTTP-based protocol SRMP (i.e. Soap Reliable Messaging Protocol) as a result you’ll have to use the proprietary MSMQ protocol for sending messages. A good way to look at this limitation is to consider the fact that with the SRMP protocol you incur an additional overhead which increases size and may not be a cost effective implementation for connections that charge by size of packets sent (e.g. GPRS).

There has been a lot of excitement about the publicly available Beta of VS.NET 2005. This includes NETCF version 2.0 with all the exciting new features. We’ll be monitoring the newsgroup for feedback, questions and bugs.