driver writing != bus driving

Ilias Tsigkogiannis' Introduction to Windows Device Drivers and Windows Audio Concepts
  • driver writing != bus driving

    Introductory driver writing resources

    After having finished with the initial resources on the windows internals, it is time for a developer to start learning about windows drivers. The goal of this post is to provide a list of links that can be used by somebody to get accustomed with the...
  • driver writing != bus driving

    Becoming familiar with the windows internals

    When I started learning about windows drivers, my first thought was to search for "introduction to windows drivers" or something equivalent in my favorite search engine. This led to a few links for tutorials on how to create simple drivers. Right now...
  • driver writing != bus driving

    Prerequisites for a driver developer

    If somebody wants to build a solid house, he needs to have a solid foundation. That's why, if somebody wants to become a good driver developer, he needs to be familiar with some fundamental computer science terms. At minimum, he needs to know the basics...
  • driver writing != bus driving


    Hi everybody. My name is Ilias Tsigkogiannis (pronounced as ee-LEE-us chee-go-YA-nis... tough, right? :) ) and I am a new addition to the Microsoft community (2-3 months old). I am working as a Software Development Engineer (SDE) in the User-Mode Driver...
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