driver writing != bus driving

Ilias Tsigkogiannis' Introduction to Windows Device Drivers and Windows Audio Concepts

A study guide for KMDF, UMDF, and Windows device driver concepts

A study guide for KMDF, UMDF, and Windows device driver concepts

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One of the most common question that beginner driver developers ask is how they can start learning about driver development. Today, Eliyas, my manager, pointed out that we have already created a study guide that covers WDF and general Windows device driver concepts. It can be found here. I think that this self-study guide is really helpful and covers the important points that a driver developer should be accustomed with.
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  • Really interested from the administration & repackaging side where driver installation bothers the most

  • What a strange idea, that everyone has Office 2007! Have you ever considered using PDF instead of DOCX?

  • NotePad is Default and covers all Of the Programs on this Dasktop PC> How Can I remove NotePad from Off the programs? and get back to norman....

  • It has strong idea about kernel and user mode driver programming

  • Is it possible to write a user mode driver for smart card reader ?. (If I want to implement a software only smart card. no hardware at all)

    Thanks in advance.


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