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Ilias Tsigkogiannis' Introduction to Windows Device Drivers and Windows Audio Concepts

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  • Blog Post: A study guide for KMDF, UMDF, and Windows device driver concepts

    One of the most common question that beginner driver developers ask is how they can start learning about driver development. Today, Eliyas, my manager, pointed out that we have already created a study guide that covers WDF and general Windows device driver concepts. It can be found here . I think that...
  • Blog Post: My List of Top 5 Windows Books

    I've been reading quite a bit for the last couple of months and I compiled my list of the 5 Windows development books that I want to complete: 1) Windows Internals (finished): The classic book by Mark Russinovich and David Solomon is now in its 5th edition. I've read the 4th one and I think that it's...
  • Blog Post: Windows Device Drivers Book Reviews

    A quick search in the web reveals that the number of the books that are related to windows device drivers can be counted with the fingers of one hand. Even worse, most of the books are either too old (published before or around windows 2000) and/or not easily readable. Another problem is that the Windows...
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