Imagine Cup local finals for our Games, Innovation, and World Citizenship competitions are now underway in more than seventy-five countries around the world. As you may have seen, student teams can compete both in local finals and in our global online finals. This can be a little confusing so I wanted to explain how this works and what your teams need to do.

Why Online Finals?

We operate a global online finals for a couple of reasons:

  1. Not all countries have a local finals. We want everyone to have a chance at being a worldwide finalist.
  2. Each country with a local final picks just one national team to send to Russia. Every year there are a lot of #2 and #3 projects in a local final that deserve to be worldwide finalists, too. Offering the online finals means great teams get a second chance to prove themselves and be evaluated.

If you want to compete in our worldwide online finals, you must register your complete team at our website by March 15 and submit your complete project at our website by April 15. This is true even if you are already submitting your project to a local final -- many local finals have different submission requirements than our online finals do so you have to upload your complete project, per the official rules, to compete in the online finals.

When to Submit

While the deadline is April 15, in some countries you won't be able to submit until the local finals deadlines have passed. At that point, the Dashboard here at our site will show Worldwide Online Finals. Let's take a look at that Dashboard:

In the first example, the Games competition is currently in the U.S. Finals round. I cannot yet submit my project for online finals. Submitting it now means it'll go into the U.S. Local Finals round instead.

In the second example, the Innovation competition is currently in the WW Online Finals round. I can now submit my project for online finals.

The date you can submit for worldwide online finals depends on your country:

Australia March 21, 2013
Brazil March 25, 2013
Bulgaria December 21, 2012
Chile April 10, 2013
China April 2, 2013
India January 31, 2013
Indonesia April 11, 2013
Ireland February 4, 2013
Korea March 16, 2013
Poland March 12, 2013
Russia February 16, 2013
Saudi Arabia April 7, 2013
Spain April 6, 2013
Sri Lanka April 6, 2013
Taiwan March 1, 2013
Thailand March 28, 2013
Ukraine April 9, 2013
United States March 24, 2013
Vietnam April 11, 2013


If your country isn't listed here, it means you can submit your project to worldwide online finals at any time until April 15.

I hope that helps and if you have questions, just ask us in the Forums. Thanks! 

John Scott Tynes
Imagine Cup Competition Manager
Microsoft Academic Programs