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This blog covers extensibility points in ILM "2" such as the web service interface. All content is provided "as is" without any warranty, expressed or implied.

August, 2009

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About Identity Management Extensibility blog

We hope you find this blog useful for exploring the extensibility points in ILM "2".  However, like all blogs, we must share the usual disclaimers:

  1. Everything here is provided “as is” by individuals on the team.  These posts are not official statements made by the team and are not supported.  We hope they are helpful, but please realize that these posts do not go through the rigorous release process Microsoft products go through.
  2. Any code we provide or link to from this blog is provided “as is”.  There is no guarantee that the code will work for you.
  3. While we are close to RTM, things still may change.  We may show a screen shot, code snippet, or mention a feature that may not appear the same or even exist in ILM RTM.  Similarly, if we mention dates, do not assume these dates are “set in stone.”
  4. In the case of a conflict or ambiguity, always rely on official documentation.
  5. We cannot provide support or answer specific questions about your extensibility scenarios here in this blog.  Please use other forums like the connect site or you Microsoft contact for more information.
  6. We do not necessarily endorse anyone, nor are we responsible for the content we link to.

  • Identity Management Extensibility

    No change in status to report

    This post is a reminder that we have no change in status to report with respect to dates, etc.  The previous post is still accurate:
  • Identity Management Extensibility

    FIM Query Tool

    I was catching up with my blog roll and saw that Joe Zamora at Ensynch put together a nifty little app to query the FIM Service. I recommend checking it out!
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