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This blog covers extensibility points in ILM "2" such as the web service interface. All content is provided "as is" without any warranty, expressed or implied.

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  • Blog Post: Forefront Identity Manager 2010 Management Pack is on Connect

    This post is to help people discover the FIM MP via search engines. The Forefront Identity Manager 2010 Management Pack is posted on Microsoft Connect while we gather customer feedback. Enroll in the FIM connect site and look for the Management Pack (MP) in downloads.
  • Blog Post: CodePlex project for community client

    Paolo started a codeplex project to continue development of the unsupported client . Paolo fixed a bunch of bugs, added more strongly-typed classes, and enabled approvals. Check it out now:
  • Blog Post: Forefront Identity Manager 2010 has Shipped!

    It's been a long and fruitful road, but now we're pleased to announce that FIM is available for customers! Read the full Forefront blog post here:
  • Blog Post: Excellent description of RCDCs

    Please see David's excellent guide to using RCDCs:
  • Blog Post: Another great tweak from Paolo

    Check out another useful tweak from Paolo with the unsupported web service client. Paolo adds another strongly-typed class to the client:
  • Blog Post: The IDA Guys and RC1 unsupported client

    Many thanks to The IDA Guys for getting together an unsupported client for RC1. We in the product group are deeply grateful for the great work the field do in extending the value of FIM for our customers.
  • Blog Post: A new face in the Identity Management blog community

    A colleague on the product team recently joined the ranks of bloggers in the Identity Management community.  Please welcome Darryl, and I look forward to his insights on FIM!
  • Blog Post: Forefront Identity Manager 2010 RC1 is released!

    Check out the exciting announcement: MSFT Identity and Access news- Forefront Identity Manager RC1 and ADFS 2.0 SAML interoperability
  • Blog Post: Reminder: The IDA Guys Blog

    This is a friendly reminder that The IDA Guys have some great content to check out.  For example,
  • Blog Post: No change in status to report

    This post is a reminder that we have no change in status to report with respect to dates, etc.  The previous post is still accurate:
  • Blog Post: FIM Query Tool

    I was catching up with my blog roll and saw that Joe Zamora at Ensynch put together a nifty little app to query the FIM Service. I recommend checking it out!
  • Blog Post: Office Protocol Docs Published

    As a small part of the the announcement about Office 2010 Technical Preview , Microsoft published the Office 2010 protocol documents .  A small and dedicated group of us worked hard and long for these past months to release documents related to FIM’s protocols on time.  Of particular interest...
  • Blog Post: FIM 2010 Wallpapers

    I’ve been meaning to post some of Richard’s excellent desktop wallpapers for Forefront Identity Manager 2010. Direct Link:
  • Blog Post: What can I do with the web service interface?

    I got a very good question today from a TAP customer last week which I hope is generally applicable.  The customer asked “What can I do with the web service interface?”  Fantastic question!  With the web service interface, you can…. Do everything the portal does.  (The portal uses...
  • Blog Post: How to Search for Existing Groups

    In this week’s post we look at the three most common queries to search for existing groups: getting all groups, “my groups”, and groups that match a particular filter.  While these examples show off the current prototype client, the filters and principles may be used on any client.  The test...
  • Blog Post: Prototype V2: Overview of the new API

    In this post we’ll discuss the new Prototype Public Resource Management client.  I uploaded the MSDN-style documentation to MSDN Code Gallery.  The purpose of this post is to walk you through the direction I’m thinking about for a supported API.  These ideas are a snapshot of my thinking...
  • Blog Post: Agenda for Remainder of Q2 CY2009

    As promised, this week I introduce the new prototype of the Public Resource Management Client and the remaining schedule.  The theme of this quarter is “Yet Another FIM Portal”.  The FIM Portal is a great experience for both Administrators and Information Workers, but I often hear how customers...
  • Blog Post: Great list of resources for FIM

    Ahmad pointed me to Peter Geelen’s comprehensive list of resources for ILM “2” RC0.  It’s worth bookmarking.  I suspect Peter will keep this list up to date as we proceed into FIM RC1:!69F957860EA2CE40!846.entry?sa=631120844
  • Blog Post: Identity Lifecycle Manager “2” is now Forefront Identity Manager 2010

    As you may have seen in other announcements or in various unintentional hints the product previously known as Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM) “2” is now Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 . The re-branding comes as part of an overarching strategy which is better explained in the official website...
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