Microsoft Services is de-investing in the Interactive Media Manager (IMM) solution. There will be no further development of the solution, nor any official support of this Microsoft IP beyond a custom support agreement from the Microsoft Premier organization. The final IP is only accessible to the Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) field; there will not be external access to the IP beyond an official, contracted MCS engagement. It is possible for MCS to subcontract to a partner. Microsoft will retain the rights to the IP, and neither customer nor partner can redistribute it. Please note the IMM solution is dependent on a 3rd party component, licensed separately from Intellidimension. Please contact your local MCS representative for more information – start here to locate a Microsoft Services contact in your location.

There is a good, free solution posted on CodePlex called the Podcasting Kit for SharePoint (PKS) – and this can be extended/scaled beyond podcasting asset management scenarios – with all value/R&D of SharePoint 2007 as its base server component. You can see it in action here at a PKS-based demo site.

And there are a number of partner solutions built on SharePoint focused on digital asset management (DAM) – found within the list here off of

It’s been fun. Thanks for your interest in IMM. On to the next project.