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April, 2009

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About I. M. Testy

  Hi, my name is Bj Rollison and I am a Test Architect in the Engineering Excellence group at Microsoft. I have been at Microsoft since 1994. My primary role is designing and developing testing curriculum, and teaching SDETs at Microsoft the profession of software testing. We also do internal consulting with Microsoft business divisions, and occasionally premier customers. This is the coolest job I've ever had (at least at Microsoft) because I get to meet so many bright and exceptionally talented people everyday (both inside and outside of Microsoft) who challenge me intellectually and help me learn more about this discipline and cool new technologies. My previous roles at the company included Test Lead of the setup team for international versions of Windows 95, International Test Manager for Internet Explorer, and Director of Test Training.

When I am not at work trying to better understand the practice of software testing I spend a lot of time on my sailboat. It's true...boats need constant attention at great cost, but for me it's worth the price in the peace and serenity I find when I am sailing! Even when I just sit on the boat at dock life is good. I am also a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and taught scuba diving for 20 years. I also enjoy skiing in the winter months, fly fishing, and trap shooting. I also play an occasional round of golf (I don't keep score I just try not to loose too many balls). And just to keep my fingers busy (I should say greasy) I recently rebuilt a '72 Corvette that doesn't require quite as much attention as the boat and at least has an automobile engine that makes sense and is easy to work on...fuel, air, compression, spark! Ahhh...the simple joys of low-tech!

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    Assessing Tester Performance

    Using context-free software product measures as personal performance indicators (KPI) is about as silly as pet rocks ! Periodically a discussion of assessing tester performance surfaces on various discussion groups. Some people offer advice such as...
  • I. M. Testy

    "Good enough" is not good enough!

    This week I came across a discussion [regarding test design] in which a tester wrote, "… the main goal is having something that is 'good enough' ." Every time I hear a tester utter the phrase " good enough " my head wants to explode! Wrapping duct...
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    Look below the UI for more effective and robust UI automated test case designs

    Last month I wrote about simplistic views of UI test automation in which some people want to pretend that recording for playback or scripting hard-coded actions and data to mimic some human’s interactions at the keyboard is an automated test. Balderdash...
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