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Modifying InfoPath manifest.xsf file from script (2/5)

Modifying InfoPath manifest.xsf file from script (2/5)

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Part 2 of 5: Unpacking the XSN

To unpack XSN one should use extract.exe utility. It can be found in the %SystemRoot%\system32 directory or in the Microsoft Cabinet Software Development Kit. For the command usage details just run “extract /?”.

In this part we will also introduce several auxiliary functions that will be extensively used throughout the entire discussion topic.

var ExtractExeLocation = "%SystemRoot%\\SYSTEM32";

var ExtractExe = Combine(ExtractExeLocation, "extract.exe");


function Combine(dir, file)


      return dir + "\\" + file ;



function QuoteStr(string)


      return ("\"" + string + "\"");



function Exec(string, flagWait)


      if (flagWait == null)

            flagWait = true;

      var WScriptShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell");

      return WScriptShell.Run(string, 0, flagWait);



function ExtractFilesFromXSN(xsnInputPath, outputDirectory)


      var Parameters;


      // add the location to place extracted files,

      // a flag "/Y" that prevents prompting before overwriting

      // an existing file, and a flag "/E" that orders to

      // extract all files

      if (outputDirectory != null)

            Parameters = " /Y /E /L " + QuoteStr(outputDirectory);



            + Parameters

            + " " + QuoteStr(xsnInputPath), true);


Now we have a tool to unpack XSN. All of the InfoPath form template files are accessible for changing. In the next part of the series we will be modifying the manifest itself.

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  • How to programmatically extract/manipulate/combine an InfoPath Template (XSN) file.
  • Nice Article :)

    Another simple way to extract XSN file is,

    expand -F:* "C:\Old XSN\Testing.xsn" "C:\ExtractedXSN"

    Above command will extract Testing.XSN file to C:\ExtractedXSN folder.

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