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How to put an image on a InfoPath Button, the KB, and more

How to put an image on a InfoPath Button, the KB, and more

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The Microsoft Knowledge Base is an amazing source of content and "How To" type articles, not just a place to go when you think you're seeing a bug.

Here's one such "How To" article - how to put an image on a Button control:;en-us;832511

And check out the InfoPath 2003 Support Center:;EN-US;infopath2003

It features:

  • Highlights & Top Issues
  • Step-by-Step Instructions & How To Articles
  • Links to Downloads, Updates & Utilities

Also, just a reminder - if you have a question about InfoPath (using it, developing with it, etc) a good to get support is to use the newsgroup microsoft.public.infopath (or try the web interface). The InfoPath team will try and respond to questions posted to the blog comments, but you're more likely to get a quick answer from someone on the product or support team, or another member of the community - like our awesome MVPs - by using the newsgroup.


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