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InfoPath & Outlook 2003 Calendar Sync

InfoPath & Outlook 2003 Calendar Sync

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If the title of this post interested you, check out Microsoft’s Sample solution for Recruiting, which has sample code for scenarios involving interview management. Just follow these links:

The full source code is available for download at the first link above. Among other things, it has an InfoPath solution which:

  • Enables automatic scheduling (and creating) of appointments by looking up Exchange’s free busy information
  • Does processing of appointment accept/reject messages
    Presents the free busy information in the same way Outlook does, all in the InfoPath view!
  • Configurable scheduling window with built-in constraints such as “lunch”, “last” and “optional”
  • Smart algorithm for picking meeting times based on the number of interviewers – blending brute force with a Monte Carlo/heuristics-based mechanism.

Cool stuff!

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