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Compatibility between InfoPath 2003, 2007, and Forms Server

Compatibility between InfoPath 2003, 2007, and Forms Server

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Ask and ye shall receive. Here's a short summary of how to think about compatibility when designing form templates in InfoPath 2007.
1. InfoPath 2003 forms will work as-is in 2007
Your existing forms should work. Period. If you find something that doesn't work, please leave a comment so we can get that bug fixed.
2. InfoPath 2007 can save as InfoPath 2003 forms
Most features actually work in 2003, we just made 2007 the default to be forward-looking. If you plan to design all your forms to be compatible with InfoPath 2003, you can change the default in the Options dialog off the Tools menu:
You can also save individual forms as the file type 2003:
When you save a file for InfoPath 2003, we automatically check this box in Form Options:
So that the design checker will show you compatibility issues:
You can get more info on each issue by clicking it, and then fix it appropriately. Forms with "Messages" will successfully save for 2003, but forms with "Errors" cannot be saved for 2003 until all the errors have been fixed.
3. InfoPath 2003 forms can also work on the Forms Server
If you have the InfoPath 2003 client rolled out to your desktops, and also have the Forms Server, then you can create forms that will open in the browser for people without any copy of InfoPath, but open in the client for those with InfoPath 2003 (and 2007, see point 1 above).
First, follow the steps above to save your form to be compatible with InfoPath 2003. Then check this box in Form Options to make the form browser-compatible:
Now you can fix any remaining issues shown by the design checker, and publish the form to Forms Server the same as any other browser-enabled form.
Hope that helps,
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  • I have designed a form in Infopath 2007 and I published to my moss site. My end users are still using Infopath 2003 and receive an error message that "InfoPath cannot open the form".

    "The form template was created by a newer version of InfoPath. This form template was created by InfoPath version 12.0.0"

    I have made all the "2003" necessary changes mentioned in the comments section and do not understand why the form cannot open.  Please help!

  • Just like Help ME, I also created a form in IP 2007 which doesnt open in 2003. Even when i selected save as 2003 file and the compatiblility check.

    Same error as Help Me. Please help!

  • Hi,

    I have created Xsn in IP2010 and sending in email body rendenring as Infopath form/form template mime type, everything is working fine in Outlook2010 but in outlook2007 or older it is just an attachment with template xsn and form xml(with data). when i save and open xml giving an error form associated URN- based form template,not able to open, please let us know the issue and fix...  

  • I am facing one problem in sharepoint 2007.I have full control access of my sharepoint application.When i am saving the infopath in  .xsn format.

    I am not able to open the Design option for editing my infopath file.

    Can you please help me regarding this issue

  • I have Infopath 2007 and I have some compatility issues with my customers, i need to save it as 2003 althought that option does not even appear in the save as drop down menue.

    can anyone help?


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