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September, 2008

  • Microsoft InfoPath 2010

    Are you ready to join the InfoPath dev or test team?


    Are you ready to take the next step, and make the move from writing tools that use InfoPath, to writing InfoPath itself?  We currently have open positions in Development, and Test. 

    To search for positions on the InfoPath team, have a look at these positions on the Microsoft careers site: 

    Software Development Engineer

    InfoPath is an integral part of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (one of the fastest growing businesses at Microsoft). We are a team that is tasked with delivering some incredibly powerful scenarios that will greatly enhance the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server brand. Do you want to be part of a team that will deliver to our customers some incredibly rich forms and views using the latest AJAX/web-service technology? If the answer to these questions is yes and you have the qualifications noted below, we want to talk to you.


    You must have a proven track record of shipping software through at least one product cycle while dealing with challenges such as cross-team dependencies and a constantly evolving ecosystem. You must also be able to extend your impact by working with other team members to instill strong design principles.

    You must also have solid fundamental computer science skills and have a passion for cutting-edge software development. Proficiency in C++, C# and JavaScript are required. Experience with AJAX, Dynamic HTML, and web services are big pluses. A Good understanding of basic algorithms and data structures, effective communication and cross-group skills are essential. A BS/MS in Computer Science or Engineering, or equivalent, and 1 to 5 years of software development experience are required.

     Software Development Engineer in Test

    Are you passionate about XML and related technologies? Do you want to help millions of users migrate from paper forms to electronic forms?
    Started in Office 2003, InfoPath provided the ability to easily design and fill out electronic forms. InfoPath enables information workers to hook up their forms to various XML data providers like databases, SharePoint Team Services, and web services. In our latest version, we expanded our product to integrate with other Office 2007 applications, such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. This is just the start for InfoPath and you can be part of the force to change how people fill out forms in the future!
    In the next release of InfoPath, we are committed to improve the user experience. We will add many new feature sets and move to a new rendering framework. We’re looking for a strong SDET who is passionate about shipping highest quality product and has shipping experience in at least 1 complete product cycle. Ideal candidate would be technical, self-motivated, and customer focused. You can work directly with developers and program managers under minimal supervision. You have excellent communication skills and able to work with test counterparts across Office. The job involves owning and testing features end-to-end, providing feedbacks to product design, creating test design spec and test cases, writing automation, analyzing and troubleshooting manual and automated test cases.
    The position requires a Bachelors degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience. Familiarity with XML, .NET technologies, C#, C/C++, VBscript/Jscript is a plus.

  • Microsoft InfoPath 2010

    Do you have what it takes to define the future of InfoPath?


    Program Manager Wanted
    The InfoPath clan is looking for a new member who’s skilled in the dark arts of user experience design. We are looking for someone who can help vanquish the evil of complex interfaces that tax a helpless populace. We are searching far and wide for a PM who can wield UI heavy feature areas and who can fiercely impart their passion for user experience excellence upon our kin. For those who dare to cross us, know that we are a young and boisterous clan, we move quickly to keep our territory growing and our ranks fun.

    The great and triumphant history of the InfoPath clan
    Once upon a time those of us seeking the path to information settled upon the land of electronic forms. It was the year MMIII, a time immediately following the failed invasion of the great bubble. Ours was a chaotic and grim landscape dominated by old and decrepit offerings. In response, our people focused on creating a new generation of e-form, one that was fully ‘e’ from its inception, one without a history tied to the ancient convoluted ways of papyrus. Our people created an e-form that fully embraced the interoperability of the ‘e’ world, being compliant with the scriptures of XML and sending/receiving information using the silky services that permeate the great Web of truth. We called ourselves “InfoPath”, forever symbolizing our mission as the righteous seeking the path to information. Today our craftsmen are forging the next incarnation of e-forms. Working under the protection of the great rulers of the Office Kingdom, we fashion the Microsoft Office InfoPath product which provides both an e-form designer and an e-form filler. Moreover, our clan provides components that are used throughout the isle of Office, finding their way into offerings including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Groove, and SharePoint Designer. Those who would evade the clients of the Office Kingdom, utilize our Web-based technology to fill out InfoPath forms on Web sites hosted within the famed and cavernous Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. With the upcoming renaissance number XIV of the Office Kingdom a great many changes have been set afoot to satisfy humans and giants alike. 

    The Oracles
    Our oracles tell us that in future times our craftsman will continue lowering the bar to entry for e-form design. We will move away from InfoPath’s early days as a tool wieldable only by developers and the strongest of Office users. We will target a broad base of Office citizenry including those who like the creature comforts available in the Babbage-like sheets of Excel and the Morton-like sites of SharePoint. We will integrate more tightly with those in the Office Kingdom, mixing ourselves completely into the bricks that bond to form the citadels of Office client and Office server. We will seek out new life and new civilizations… we will find the mythical creature known only as ‘Silverlight’. Its glow is rumored to be able to improve the visual look and feel of forms. It is said to be able to make them fly… or at least float.

    Dost thou have what it takes?
    -- I am skilled in user experience design and have proven experience working in the design field. Please bring or send us a portfolio of your work. 
    -- I like enterprise software, it’s not all about games and music for me…
    -- I have passion to spare, I was born to drive the value of a great user experience across a team.
    -- I like working in a team environment, my peers describe me as a “people person”.
    -- I have an educational background that would lead me to succeed at Microsoft in the Program Management role such as a BS or MS degree in Computer Science or a related field, or a minimum of 3 years industry experience.

    (Note: Despite the flavor of this job posting, no experience in Renaissance Fairs, Dungeons and Dragons, or Old British Reenactments is expected or required. You don’t even need to have enjoyed Harry Potter. Just knock our socks off and you're in!)

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