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Customize a SharePoint List Form using InfoPath 2010

Customize a SharePoint List Form using InfoPath 2010

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Today sees the launch of our new "5 for forms" video demo series. In this series, we will demo a cool new InfoPath 2010 feature or scenario in less than 5 minutes.

In the 1st video of the series, Daniel Broekman, a program manager on the InfoPath team will show you how you can customize a SharePoint list form with just a few clicks:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

We will post the next video in the series "Create tabs using Picture buttons"  after the holidays on January 7th.


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  • I see a black box - no video.  Can you help me?

  • Hi, I've made two content types asociated to a task list. I've modified the content type form using infopath as you show in this video.

    I've created an element of content type A and another of content type B.

    Is there any way (without programming) to get that the correct form opens depending on the content type of the element?

  • Video is no good as the screen demo part is blurry.  Not sure why as Daniel

    looks fine.

  • I've gone into infopath, created a new item form which I want to now associate as the default to a list -

    I have the form connect to the list as it auto-populated the fields.

    The problem is I have to run in Version 3 mode.  How do I tell the server that this new form should be the default

    (the same for edit and disp).

    It's not obvious to me in either infopath, SPD, or list settings using version 3 interface. thanks

  • I have designed a form in infopath 2010 and would like to publish it on the sharepoint. My manager wants to view it as a web page format. He does not want to click on add document and the open the file on the server. He wants it to be displayed on the website itself.

    Can anyone help me as to how to go about it?


  • I'm trying to learn to create forms on sharepoint.  I can't get the video (above)to play, it is just a black screen.  I did download Silverlight.


  • Need enterprise edition and form service

  • Hello, I have a problem that it seems to be impossible to solve. I'm using multiple selection forms with two infopath lists. I have the same options in those fields of the two lists. I've been trying to pass the options selected on one list to another by workflow of Datapolis. I don't know how, but the options are repeated on the destination list. I spoke with datapolis and they said me that is not they problem. The problem is on infopath. I've been searching a long time... maybe the problem is on blank default values of multiple selection fields, but I've checked it and it doesnt work... I don't know what to do... Maybe I can speak with someone from infopath or whatever... Please. Thanks in advance.

  • Is this video meant to be the hi res version?  It's terrible at full screen. Can't see a thing.

  • Is there any way to customize a Discussion List?  I want to change the style, just like you did to make the new dicussion "pretty!"  I'd also like to have some conditional features, but if I can't, then I can't.

  • Nice but way too quick to really figure out how this is done

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the great video.

    I have an InfoPath form which is connected to a list. There is one field named Start Time (Date and Time Picker) and a button named "Book"

    I want to check if the user select a time which is already exist in the list, then Book button will be disabled.

    The problem is I don't know how to check a value with all the items of a list.

  • Can you speak a little faster please? :-)

  •  I have a project where I need to display a checklist on a sharepoint web part page while it is filled out over time.  I tried using form web part but it just sends the data to a list and does not show it statically on the page.  When the sharepoint page loads I want the form to load the data from a specific line item. Query only shows one line item while I need the whole form to show.

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